Sprint Retropective #Rafli

What I got from this project:

  • I learned Picasso Library for Android
  • I learned Github
  • I learned Google API’s (Maps & Places)
  • I learned Firebase (Database, Storage, Authentication, Cloud Messaging, App Indexing, Invites, UI)
  • I learned Material Design
  • I learned Facebook SDK
  • I learned Layout in Android
  • I learned to solve my own problem
  • Stackoverflow has become my best friend even as my girlfriend :3

Problem in All Sprint :

  • Must learn a lot about Google API’s because some methods in API 18 and above are different.
  • Must learn a lot about Github and how to solve the problems that occur.
  • If it stuck on a problem, it usually becomes lazy to fix the problem.
  • Not discipline
  • Slack only becomes a means of communication, it should be able to upload your problem there.

Good news in All Sprint :

  • We use all the resources to learn in order to run this project
  • Learn how to work as a team
  • Get experience how to create an android app
  • All member take responsible for their task
  • Learn quickly

Conclusion :

  • We learned how to respect time, because the less time the more pressure we get.
  • This project requires quick-learning, because technology is growing faster (it means some methods are different in API 18 or above).

Suggestion :

  • Suggestion from all problems.
  • The lecturer should explain why we are using Scrum, why not the other.

Thank You very much Mr. Azani.
Nearwander team.