Week 9 Firebase

This is my first time i learn about firebase i know its to late with other team but yeah i just learn to know how firebase use full. Firebase is a provider of cloud services and also Back end as a Service (Baas), that his company is based in San Francisco, California. The company makes a product that helps Software Developers in developing Mobile or Web Applications. The founder of this company is Andrew Lee and James Tamplin. Firebase have the major products which Realtime Database provided in the form of API, which allows Developers to store and synchronize data across multiple Client. Now the company has been acquired by Google precisely in October 2014. The existing features have now been developed and united in these tools. Firebase are tools that assist the work of an Android developer, in developing Android applications, in terms of back end services. Firebase provided free of charge, you can see the video

There are many features in the Tools Firebase which helps us in building a back end service, and to help us in terms of the analysis of the target user (users) to monetize Application (Admob) .and also build a user base in terms of promoting Applications (Adwords).

Here are some of the features in Firebase:

Develop :

  • Cloud Messaging
  • Authentication
  • Realtime Database
  • Storage
  • Hosting
  • Test Lab
  • Crash Reporting

Grow :

  • Notification
  • Remote Config
  • App Indexing
  • Dynamic Links
  • Invites
  • Adwords


  • Admob

Well now you already know what it Firebase, it all depends on the needs of your application being developed. If you need services Application Backend as a Service (Baas) and also analysis of user data (the user). You can use this Firebase Tools.

But you can also use Firebase, just to learn how to use and implementation,
You can also see a video explanation of Firebase in the event Google I / O 2016