Week #9 — Pick Another Task

After a long time is 8 weeks me and the team sprint review that both the product owner. What have we worked with for four weeks yesterday asked by him and given assessment, to be honest at this sprint me and the team felt less motivated to continue this project because if we get an error code that is difficult to resolve. We here are also very sorry why we are not the same spirit or older at the time we did the first sprint.

We made a sprint retrospective, that is what is lacking and excess in our team after undergoing some of these processes. So many of my own shortcomings give the team added the lack of contribution to complete this project and I hope that in the final sprint I could do my job well and responsible for what I do. My task is not completed in full before because of my own difficult to resolve. I’ve been helped by friends in my team and have yet to find a miracle finish and I think to take on other tasks just so I did not stop there to do his job.

I had to take another task in order to proceed with this project because previously too complicated to work alone

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