The Loneliness of an Entrepreneur
Brad Feld

If you’re a “mission-driven” founder this is especially the case. Because THE MISSION is all that matters. This can lead to life imbalances — including loneliness — that make you less productive overall. In contrast to what many people think, founding a company is more like becoming an ascetic monk than a rock star. When other people are partying, you’re working. When other people are dating, you’re working. At least you have less fear in your life from the stand point of FOMO. Mostly because it’s really just MO…

Even when you respond thoughtfully to a medium post then “go meta” on that response in true “Deadpool meets Purple Rose of Cairo” style, you’re working. Because what you really want (without wanting to appear that you want it) is to see if Brad Feld has any openings in his schedule next week to check out a demo of your enterprise SaaS product (btw Brad Feld, do you? Here’s a one-pager: Hit me up @bradheitmann; would love to chat!).