3 of our Favourite Accessible Businesses and how they are going the extra mile.

At Neatebox we talk to businesses everyday around Scotland and the UK about accessibility and inclusion for the potential installation of our Welcome app.

The Welcome app by Neatebox

By constantly looking into this market we have seen major successes and failures of big business when it comes to disability access. Often the major headlines are reserved for cases of poor service and failures of accessibility; however, at Neatebox we wanted to give some positive press to the businesses getting it right and specifically in Scotland.

*Disclaimer — All these businesses are favourites of Neatebox. If you can think of any additional businesses with great accessibility please let us know about it in the comment section below.*

1. Royal Yacht Britannia, Edinburgh

Image of Royal Yacht Britannia raising British Flag.

The Royal Yacht Britannia holds accessibility as a top priority. From researching about the venue on the website all the way to the actual visit of the attraction they have considered their guests accessibility requirements as a matter of massive importance. With the inclusion of a website “Accessibility” tab, “Access Statement” downloadable in PDF and Word files and coverage of multiple access needs the Royal Yacht Britannia sets the bar for digital user experience of anyone with access needs.

Our Favourite Feature:

The British Sign Language (BSL) Tablet Tour

2. Barclays Bank, UK

Barclays Staff member welcoming a man with his guide dog to a local branch.

Barclays Bank are setting a standard of what can be done by large business for accessibility. On their website it states how much they offer for anyone visiting one of their many branches across the UK,

For some time now, we have been working hard to ensure our branches are accessible and 97% of them now have level access. Last year we became the first major high street bank in the UK to deliver audio functionality to over 80% of our ATMs. It is our intention that in time 100% of our machines will talk, offering greater independence, security and privacy to people with a visual impairment.

This commitment to improvement and awareness of current standards and the accessible technology available has helped keep them at the forefront of this sector. Additionally, a large amount of work is put into making sure the staff at these branches have up-to-date training for the accessibility needs of their customers which ties in beautifully with what we aim to achieve with our own ‘Welcome’ system.

Neatebox would also like to take this opportunity to promote #axschat where we first became aware of the level of engagement Barlcays has in this sector. AXSChat is a weekly Twitter chat (Tuesdays between 2000hrs and 2100hrs GMT where Barclays post regularly on access and inclusion without ever once “selling” their products. Kudos to you Barclays.

Our Favourite Feature:

Barclay Inclusive Design Standards

3. Euans Guide, Edinburgh

Photo of Euan of Euan’s Guide

Euan's guide is often described as the Trip Advisor of venue accessibility but in fact they are so much more than that. Euan's Guide seeks to educate thousands of businesses on best practice and creates a wonderful community for contributors to have their voice heard through the Euan's Guide website accessibility reviews. With in depth reviews on locations all throughout the UK and abroad it is the one stop shop for venue accessibility research. The website is also a case study for all other businesses looking for examples of online accessibility. With “Skip to Content” buttons and more accessibility features across multiple access requirements we found them as a wonderful site to try and emulate. Euan's Guide is officially a charity, but we thought because of their influence in the business accessibility sphere that it was valid third choice on our list.

Euans Guide Logo

For more info on the company, Euan himself or venue ratings please visit their site.

Our Favourite Feature:

Their regular posts educating businesses. Heres are some examples:

Picking three from so many great companies doing great work was not going to be easy and we look forward to highlighting so many more in the future but if you want to know what you really should be doing then we feel these three are a super place to start. We would love to hear about your own favourites and why you picked them in the comments below.

The Neatebox Team

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