How to Easily Airdrop NTP1 Tokens to Neblio Users

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4 min readMay 12, 2020


Airdrops of NTP1 tokens just got even easier using our open source tools.

Recently, we were helping one of our Neblio Services & Consulting clients execute an Airdrop on the Neblio blockchain. Our client wanted to airdrop NTP1 tokens to approximately 15,000 Neblio addresses and asked us for guidance. In the end, this Airdrop to 15,000 addresses was completed for under 2 NEBL in network fees! Airdrops of NTP1 tokens are not new, there have been massive ones including the Airdrop of TRIF to nearly all Neblio addresses in 2018. Our team’s first thought was that we could leverage some of the great work the Trifid Team did to jumpstart the development process for our client. After we updated, modified, and optimized the Trifid Team’s code it was clear that this work should be explained in greater detail and shared with a wider audience so that NTP1 Airdrops in the future are easier to execute.

We always recommend that anyone experimenting with an idea, project, new NTP1 token, etc do so first by building a proof of concept on testnet. Testnet NEBL have no value and are easily obtained via our Testnet NEBL Faucet for free, making testnet the perfect place to “play around”, do development, and test your idea before deploying it to mainnet. This demo will be done on testnet, but can easily be applied to mainnet just by using mainnet addresses instead.

Step 1: Who do you want to Airdrop to, and how many Tokens?

The first step is creating a list of addresses that you want to Airdrop your tokens to, and how many tokens you want to send to each. Do you want to send X amount of NTP1 tokens for every 1 NEBL at an address? Do you require users to sign up and submit their address to be eligible? Perhaps users must complete some task or bounty for eligibility? For example, if you would like to Airdrop X number of NTP1 tokens for every 1 NEBL at an address at block height 2,000,000 you would need a snapshot of the Neblio Blockchain at block 2,000,000 (If you need help generating a blockchain snapshot for testnet or mainnet at a certain block height, reach out to our Services Team for help, we can generate one in just a few minutes). If you require users to submit their address or complete a bounty to be eligible, you should already have a list of addresses and amounts you want to use for the Airdrop. Addresses and amounts should be added in comma separated format to a file called snapshot.csv in a format that looks like this.

Step 2: Prepare The Airdrop Script

Now that we have a list of addresses and token amounts that we want to Airdrop, we just need to prepare and run the airdrop script, that’s it! You’ll need to install Nodejs before going any further so that you can run JavaScript code. Most developers will have Nodejs installed already.
1. Clone the ntp1_airdrop repository:
git clone
2. Install Dependencies:
cd ntp1_airdrop
npm install request-promise
npm install git://

3. Rename secrets.json.template to secrets.json and fill in the address you are sending the tokens FROM, that address’s private key (Ex: use dumpprivkey THYsXfM4kq4Ebjs4PXRt2AqX1q8D4DgW5v in the Neblio Debug Console to get the private key), the TokenID of the Token you are airdropping, as well as the network (testnet/mainnet). Once this is all done, secrets.json should look something like this:

Testnet From Address. Address Private Key (fake). SEND TokenID. Testnet. Debug Off.

That’s it! Now that our snapshot.csv and secrets.json files are complete, all that is left is to run the Airdrop!

Step 3: Execute The Airdrop

To start the Airdrop, simply run node ntp1_airdrop.js and wait for it to complete. The Airdrop script will send NTP1 tokens to 25 addresses per transaction until every address in snapshot.csv has received the NTP1 tokens. After each transaction is sent, the script will wait for a block confirmation to ensure the tokens are delivered.

We look forward to seeing the innovative ideas you come up with for NTP1 tokens and seeing your NTP1 Airdrop on the Neblio Block Explorer. You can find more details about our open source Airdrop Tools on GitHub and once again a large thank you to the Trifid Team for all of their work in this area.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas regarding NTP1 Airdrops on Neblio, we encourage you to get in touch with the Neblio Team to schedule a meeting to learn how Neblio and NTP1 tokens can help your business or organization grow to the next level.

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