Neblio Development Update 1 (September 18 2017)

Dec 1, 2017 · 5 min read
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Wow — what an amazing first few weeks we have had at Neblio. Everything has been moving so fast, and so much is being accomplished that we thought I should sit down and recap all that has been done since the token sale ended just a few short weeks ago. You will always be able to find periodic posts describing our progress toward our vision here on our official blog. You can also of course follow us on Twitter for quick updates, and please be sure to join our rapidly expanding Slack Communitywhere a large group of core community members discuss Neblio and help others and where all of our official team members are active and communicating with our wonderful community on a near-daily basis.

Token Sale Completed, Over 112M NEBL Tokens Burned

The NEBL token sale officially concluded on August 20th. Originally, 125 million NEBL were available for purchase. After the sold tokens, bounty distributions, and referral program rewards, over 112 million NEBL were left to be burned. These remaining tokens were officially burned on August 25th and are forever out of circulation. The burn address is available for viewing on our official block explorer here. At the time of this writing, that leaves just over 13 million NEBL in circulation. Stake rewards are the only way new NEBL will ever be created on the network and will slowly raise the amount of total NEBL in circulation in a controlled manner.

Yuval and Riley Join the Neblio Team

While we continue to work to build the team and attract top talent to Neblio, I would like to officially welcome both Yuval and Riley to the Neblio team. Yuval has an extensive background in both offline and online marketing and will be an invaluable asset in spreading the word about Neblio to both the crypto industry, as well as outside of the crypto industry to business and enterprise markets. Riley joins us on the development side, bringing a great talents in mathematics, predictive data analytics, and API design and development. Before joining the team, Riley created to create a historical visual representation of network difficulty, total token supply, and other Neblio statistics. You can learn more about both Yuval and Riley on our About page.

A Thriving 604 Member Slack Community

Without our wonderful community, both in Slack, and elsewhere, Neblio would not be anywhere near where it is today. At the time of this writing, (I am sure there are many more by the time you read this) the Neblio Slack community is 604 members strong and contains some of the most intelligent and passionate members of any community I have ever been a part of. In just a few short weeks, a core group of community members have created an environment that is welcoming and helpful in a way that I could never have imagined. The eagerness to help one another and explain topics in great detail has built a community that is fun to be a part of. I am in Slack every day, and often the quickest way to reach any member of the team is through a Slack DM. Please join us:

Official ElectrumX Server Support

I am pleased to announce that Neblio is now included as a supported network in the official ElectrumX server. ElectrumX is the most popular Electrum server implementation, powering the widely popular electrum network for networks such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Now, due to cooperation between Neblio development and ElectrumX development, using the same server software anyone can also run a Neblio ElectrumX server without any complicated setup. ElectrumX already powers our official Neblio Electrum server that the official Neblio Android Wallet uses in the back end, and will also power all future Neblio Electrum Wallets.

Android Wallet Released

Our official Android wallet is released ahead of schedule! Originally scheduled for Q4–17, our official Android wallet has arrived nearly an entire quarter early and reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. The Android Neblio wallet is an Electrum-Lite wallet, never needing to download the blockchain to send or receive NEBL while you are on the go. This makes it incredibly fast, and data & battery efficient. The Neblio Android wallet can be downloaded from our Wallets page, or directly from the Google Play Store.

iOS Wallet Development in Progress

I am pleased to announce that our iOS wallet development is also ahead of schedule. While there is no ETA or further details to share at this time, we are very pleased with the ahead-of-schedule development progress and excited for iOS users to be able to join Android users in making Neblio transactions while mobile.

Core Wallet v1.1 Released

A minor version update to the core desktop wallets addressing most issues and feature requests that were reported to GitHub. If you have any issues or feature requests, please either report them to GitHub or send us an email via the contact page so that we can create a report on your behalf. This is a non-mandatory update that cleans up some loose-ends, bugs, and clarifies some of the language and terms used throughout the wallet. The update can be installed by downloading the latest version from our Wallets page, and using it to replace your current version.

Cryptopia, Coin Market Cap, and Other Exchange Listings

Neblio was recently listed on Cryptopia where the token has performed very well. We are excited for new users to finally be able to purchase NEBL on the open market. Being listed on our first exchange allowed Neblio to also be listed on Coin Market Cap and many other token tracking sites and software such as Blockfolio. Look for, or request for Neblio to be added to your favorite cryptocurrency sites and software! We are continuing to reach out to other exchanges regarding listing Neblio. We understand that Cryptopia is not the ideal exchange for all Neblio users and will continue to work with exchanges to list Neblio on as many high-quality exchanges as possible. Due to the tremendous support and interest we have received on Cryptopia, we expect other exchanges to soon take notice. Follow us on Twitter, or join Slack for new announcements regarding exchange listings.

Neblio is moving faster towards our vision than anyone could have expected. The Team has more energy and excitement than ever. We all look forward to continually shattering expectations and delivering on our roadmap ahead of schedule.

This is just the beginning.

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