Neblio Development Update 2 (October 23 2017)

Official Neblio iOS Wallet Submitted to the App Store

Finally! After weeks of work on both the app, and changes needed to the Neblio nodes to allow for connectivity (more on those changes below), the official iOS Neblio wallet has been submitted to the App Store for approval by Apple. Having an official iOS app is a very rare in the blockchain industry and we are excited to join the exclusive list of projects able to develop an iOS wallet app.

The Neblio iOS wallet is a lite wallet that connects directly to the blockchain and downloads block headers without the need of any middleman server, such as electrum, through a method known as SPV. This means the app will continue to function in the event of an electrum server outage, and that all information used by the app comes directly from the blockchain network itself.

We look forward to all of our iOS users being able to send and receive NEBL anywhere in the world while mobile, we even included an Apple Watch companion app!

NEBL Hits New Exchanges, Including Top-5 Exchange HitBTC

Soon there will be more places on the internet to buy and sell NEBL!

  • NEBL/BTC and NEBL/ETH trading pairs will be available on the top-5 exchange HitBTC in the coming days.
  • CoinSwitch has added support for NEBL.
  • Cobinhood has added NEBL to a list of tokens that can be voted on for listing. If you would like to see NEBL on Cobinhood, be sure to go vote!
  • At the request of many users, we have reached out to Kucoin to discuss listing.

We continue to reach out to exchanges large and small to be sure they are aware of Neblio. Just yesterday we were contacted by a very well known top-15 Asian exchange to set up a video call regarding Neblio’s listing. If there is an exchange where you would like to see NEBL listed, please let us, and the exchange, know. We will keep the community up to date as much as possible regarding exchange listings.

Neblio Core v1.2 Released & Electrum Desktop Development Started

Neblio Core v1.2 nodes and wallets have been released and can be downloaded here. Version 1.2 adds support for bloom filters, enabling SPV for the iOS wallet. Bloom filter support allows other nodes, or lite wallets like the iOS wallet to request information from the blockchain only relating to transactions associated with the addresses they own. This enables the iOS wallet to sync up with the blockchain extremely quickly, even on a mobile connection, using very little data.

Development work on the Electrum Desktop wallets has begun. The Electrum desktop wallets will have all of the benefits Electrum users know and love: lightweight, fast performance, and no syncing on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Stay tuned for release details.

Neblio & Ledger

Ledger creates the best cryptocurrency hardware wallets on the market and we are excited to announce that we have submitted a request, along with all of the relevant development details, to Ledger to support Neblio on all of their hardware wallets. We look forward to a strong partnership with the Ledger team and enabling our mutual Neblio and Ledger users to be able to store their NEBL in the most secure way possible. Stay tuned for more details.

Originally published at Neblio.