Neblio Development Update 3 (December 3 2017)

Dec 4, 2017 · 6 min read

Neblio Team Completes 2017 Deliverables

A lot has changed since our last development update and I am proud to announce that with the release of our Neblio Docker container (more on that below) the team is ahead of schedule and has completed all deliverables for 2017! But there is still lots to do and we are keeping our heads down and working hard. No time for rest!

Enterprise-Ready Neblio Node Docker Container

We are very excited about the final platform we are packaging our Neblio Node for, Docker. Docker is the world’s number 1 container platform, allowing businesses and enterprises across the globe to transform the applications running in their datacenters and cloud platforms. The release of our Neblio Docker container will allow us to develop a true blockchain-as-a-service offering that is massively differentiated from current products on the market.

Our Neblio Docker container allows anyone to deploy a fully functional Neblio Node that is fully-synced with a single command on any system that has Docker installed. Everything from a Windows PC, to a datacenter server or an Amazon AWS cloud instance can launch a Neblio Node in seconds. This is all possible due to an innovative new feature we have invented called Neblio QuickSync specifically for our Neblio Docker container. Check out this video of us deploying a Neblio Node with our Docker container in the datacenter from scratch (this node has never started before and is fully synced at the end of the video):

You can learn more about Docker here and and can find our container published at DockerHub.

Announcing Neblio QuickSync

Neblio QuickSync is an innovative new feature for our Neblio Nodes launching first in our Neblio Docker container and coming to our other platforms in the coming weeks. The Blockchain industry has for years been plagued by long sync times when running full nodes, until now.

Neblio Quicksync packages a highly-compressed copy of the blockchain in every Node download. This copy of the blockchain is updated from our build servers every single night, ensuring that the blockchain data is never older than 24 hours. When the Node is first deployed syncing the remaining blocks takes only seconds.

No blockchain platform that asks customers to wait weeks, days, or even hours for a new full node to sync after deployment will ever gain adoption in the enterprise world.

At Neblio, we’re measuring sync times in seconds, thanks to Neblio QuickSync, and solving the usability pain-points preventing the enterprise adoption of blockchain technology.

Neblio’s Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform Coming Soon to your Favorite Cloud

At Neblio, building an Enterprise-Grade blockchain platform means having Neblio Nodes available on the infrastructure where our business customers are already running their applications and operations. In the Hybrid-Cloud Era of IT that we currently find ourselves in, this means offering solutions that run in our customer’s own data centers, as well as partnering with the hyperscaler cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud to offer a blockchain-as-a-service solution that lives where our customers store and process data.

This is all made possible by our Neblio Docker container, and Neblio QuickSync. Stay tuned for new announcements on our new cloud and blockchain services offerings as we partner with the world’s largest cloud providers to make Neblio available in more places.

Electrum Desktop Wallets

Since the last developer update, we have released several new wallet formats, including Electrum Desktop for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Electrum desktop wallets feature recovery phrases and never have to sync, but they do not stake. Electrum wallets are perfect for users who are looking for a light-weight wallet for sending and receiving NEBL without having to keep the blockchain in-sync. Get started with the Neblio Electrum Wallet.

Raspberry Pi Staking Wallet

We released a super-simple Neblio Wallet installer for the Raspberry Pi that will install neblio-qt, nebliod, or both on your Raspberry Pi in a single command! The Raspberry Pi is a $35 computer about the size of a deck of cards that runs on just a few watts of power, making it an excellent choice for a Neblio Node that can be placed anywhere and always left running. Setting up a node on the Raspberry Pi is often difficult and complicated for some non-technical users, but for Neblio it literally could not be simpler, run one command and you’re done! Get started with the Neblio Raspberry Pi Wallet.

Delivering the Neblio API Suite

As we shift our complete focus to delivering our API suite, I want to provide more details about the architecture and deliverables.

Delivering the Neblio API suite can be broken down into 3 phases:

  • Integration of the Neblio REST API Listener into the Neblio Node
    The Neblio REST API Listener is the component of the Neblio Node that constantly listens for HTTP RESTful API calls, parsing the information included in the call, and triggering the appropriate action on the Node.
  • Full API Documentation and Implementation
    API features must be defined based upon customer use cases. Every API call needs to be thoughtfully designed and documented prior to implementation. FInally, each API call will be implemented into the Neblio REST API Listener.
  • API Library Development for Each of the 8 Programming Languages
    Development of each of the 8 library packages(Python, Go, JS, Ruby, .NET, Java, Node.js, C++) will allow developers to interact with the Neblio Blockchain in the language best suited for their talent or for their project.

Much of the work in each of these phases can be worked on in parallel. While all 3 phases are needed for us to deliver v1 of the Neblio API Suite, work in phases 2 and 3 can begin before phase 1 is complete, for example.

The work the team is doing over the next several months to deliver our flagship feature will truly differentiate Neblio from other blockchain platforms. Exciting times!

When will NEBL be Available on Exchange X?

As you can likely imagine, we get this question almost daily. While we were hoping to have an announcement regarding NEBL being available on new exchanges in time for this dev update, what we can say is that we are constantly in talks with exchanges, and that NEBL will be available on new exchanges in the coming days or weeks. Be on the lookout for an announcement!

Neblio for iOS in Apple Purgatory

In the last development update, we announced that we had submitted the official Neblio iOS app to Apple to have it added to the App Store. The time since then has been a very slow back and forth exchange, resulting in changes to our App at the suggestion of Apple, several resubmissions, and the status of our App slowly changing from “Waiting for Review” to “In Review” to “Issue with Submission” several times now. We are continuing to work with Apple to get Neblio for iOS available on the App Store as soon as possible.

Growing the Neblio Team

We are still actively looking for high-quality candidates to join the Neblio Team, if you or someone you know is interested in joining our high-performing team, please submit your resume here. We have several quality candidates that we are currently in discussions with and a stack of resumes that we still need to screen, with more coming in daily. Note that we are patient in our applicant screening process as we value quality, over quantity and believe in building a lean and elite team of rockstar developers and operations personnel. It is our philosophy that several elite developers will make Neblio vastly more successful than 20+ mediocre developers, as seen in other projects. Stay tuned for new developments and announcements regarding the growing Neblio team!

Neblio Video Tutorial Series

We are excited to announce that we are currently working on a YouTube series of short and informative tutorial videos on various topics surrounding Neblio. In our mission to simplify blockchain technology and make it more accessible for all users, this video series will be translated into various languages and will cover topics ranging from staking to setting up a Neblio Node on various platforms. If you have a topic you would like to see covered in this series that will make Neblio easier to use and more accessible for all users, please drop us a note!

Originally published at Neblio.

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