Neblio Development Update 5 (March 28 2018)

Mar 29, 2018 · 7 min read

First, A Huge Thank You to Our Community

It is beyond obvious to the entire Neblio Team that we have the best community in the industry. Many members of our close-knit Slack have been around since the beginning, volunteering their time and energy to help our newcomers and work as admins of the group. Every day you will find a helpful Neblio user on Reddit or Twitter helping fellow members. Knowing that we can rely on our wonderful community to help and support each other allows all of the Neblio Team to stay laser focused on delivering the task at hand. We’re moving faster and with more focus than ever because of our community. A sincere Thank You to everyone that spends their time making our community stronger!

Neblio Token Protocol-1 and Neblio Orion

NTP1 started out as simply an idea for a future feature that we hoped to accomplish in late 2018 or maybe 2019. Creating a entirely separate category of APIs to manage a token layer on top of the Neblio Blockchain, not to mention designing the protocol itself and integrating it with the blockchain was going to take time, a LOT of time. For some teams, building a blockchain token protocol and a wallet is the entire goal of their project.

When we found ourselves ahead of schedule towards the end of 2017, we made the surprise decision to not only announce NTP1, but to pull it into the 2018Q1 deliverables, giving ourselves just weeks to deliver. In that time we have gone from a rough design out of previous brainstorming sessions and hackathons, to a full fledged and finalized token protocol complete with a feature-rich web wallet.

NTP1 and NTP1 APIs

Version1 of NTP1 and the NTP1 APIs are complete. The protocol itself is fully-baked with a feature set rivaling many competing platforms and a category of APIs that fit naturally into the overall Neblio API Suite. While the hard work is done, we still have documentation that must be compiled and published (more on that below). We look forward to continue to build on the solid foundation we have laid with this protocol and these APIs, adding new features and functions in the future.

Neblio Orion

It’s hard to believe that Neblio Orion did not even exist as a concept when we published the last developer update, and is now a feature-packed web wallet with the simplest and easiest blockchain token issuance in the industry. Not only does Orion support creating, sending, and receiving NTP1 tokens, it is also a damn good NEBL wallet that looks and works great on both desktop and mobile. Waiting for Apple to finally approve our native iOS wallet? give Orion a go instead!

The number of new NTP1 tokens on the Neblio Platform is increasing daily. If you haven’t checked out Orion yet, or issued your first NTP1 token for your blockchain project, visit

Over delivering is rare in this industry. We are happy to break away from the status quo and continue over delivering to make Neblio the #1 blockchain platform for enterprise solutions.

Announcing Neblio University

Learn. Develop. Deploy.

We are very excited to share the new hub for all information on everything Neblio. Neblio University is both a developer center and a user knowledgebase. Everything from what to do if you cannot get your wallet to sync, to a step by step tutorial to writing your first NTP1 smart contract using our REST API library for JavaScript will all be included in a single place.

The Neblio Team and the Neblio Community both have immense “tribal knowledge” on the inner-workings of the Neblio Blockchain, and on topics that can help others solve any Neblio-related issues with wallets. While the free flow of this information in chat and on social media is excellent, we do need a central hub for documentation.

Developers rightfully expect a single site containing everything they need, in a format that is quickly and easily digestible. With Neblio University, developers will be able to follow step-by-step programming tutorials, read example project use cases, read API documentation, and even try API execution right from the web page thanks to our integration of Swagger-UI.

In addition to the answers provided on Neblio University, developers seeking answers for technical questions related to developing on the Neblio Platform can now ask and get answers to Neblio-related questions on the Developer Q&A site, just tag the question with “neblio”. The Neblio Team will be monitoring and answering technical questions and using them as new topics for articles to be added to Neblio University.

Thorough and useful documentation is often the most time consuming part of an agile-based software development cycle. We are working hard to document every single awesome API call we have built, along with basic documentation that has been somewhat neglected since the project began. API & Knowledgebase documentation is currently engineering’s #1 focus. Expect new articles and documentation in Neblio University daily!

Neblio University is live in an early form with limited content today! Have an idea for new content, want to write for Neblio University to share your knowledge? Contact Us

Marketing & Business Development in 2018

While not entirely in the scope of a development update, marketing and business development has a large impact on Neblio. The strategy we adopt moving forward is pivotal for the entire project. Enterprise customers looking for a platform to build their first, or next, blockchain project are not persuaded by hype tweets and vaporware. The project and the product MUST be functional, proven, and enterprise-grade.

We are already forming partnerships with projects and companies looking to build applications on the Neblio Platform due to our rich set of features and our ability to deliver on an aggressive timeline.

Our strategy is to market the functional and complete product that we have built instead of simply tweeting daily in search of hype. In the coming months you will see professional Neblio video spots that are currently in early production, a much increased presence from Neblio at blockchain conferences worldwide, and an increased use in outside parties to market the unique capabilities of the Neblio Blockchain Platform to our target audience in the business and enterprise space.

We look forward to our new marketing and business development efforts growing our vibrant and professional development and user community. We are also excited about all of the things developers will build with Neblio!

Introducing NAPIS (Neblio API Service)

NAPIS is a brand new paid & hosted API offering from the Neblio Team. We host a server with the complete suite of Neblio APIs loaded that users and developers can use to run and test their Neblio Distributed Applications without having to run their own Neblio Node and public API server. The current public NAPIS server, which is the backend for the Orion wallet, is open to the public at

Stay tuned for documentation to be added to Neblio University on how you can use NAPIS to speed up the development of your Neblio dapp! Look for NAPIS servers to become an API-as-a-service paid & hosted service from Neblio in the future, with private and dedicated NAPIS servers for projects on the Neblio Platform.

Updates to neblio-Qt, Electrum-NEBL, and Neblio for Android

Since the last development update, we have not only focused on NTP1 and Orion but also made improvements to our other wallets.

neblio-Qt & nebliod

Starting with v1.3 we added support for our core Neblio wallets to support the processing of NTP1 transactions. If you are not running v1.3+ you are not processing NTP1 transactions and will not receive the increased stake rewards for processing them. Sam also made major improvements to the neblio-Qt wallet interface starting in v1.3. Libraries for Linux and the Raspberry Pi also became statically compiled in 1.3 to allow for better interoperability between Linux versions and variants.

v1.3.1 was a quick turnaround release that fixed a number of bugs in the wallet.

With v1.4 an NTP1 safeguard protects your NTP1 tokens accidentally sent to a neblio-Qt address from being burned accidentally in a transaction. Sam also added a number of usability improvements and features that will make the lives of all neblio-Qt users much easier. A new update notifier checks for updates to the wallet periodically and instructs the user to upgrade when an update is found. No more replacing the wallet.dat file with a backup! A new “Import Wallet” menu option can simply merge your current wallet with a wallet.dat backup file. Speaking of backups, every time the wallet.dat file of your wallet changes, whether this is due to a new private key being created or for any other reason, you are alerted and instructed to take a backup. The best time to take a wallet.dat backup is always: right now. And now you are alerted when a new backup is necessary.

Electrum-NEBL & Neblio for Android

Both of these wallets have been updated with NTP1 tokens in mind. Similar to the safeguard above mentioned for NTP1 transactions in neblio-Qt, both Electrum-NEBL and Neblio for Android now both attempt to prevent the spending of any transactions from addresses containing NTP1 tokens. The Neblio for Android update was done server-side, no app update is needed. However you should update to the latest version of Electrum-NEBL if you use that wallet. This should make all of our wallets as NTP1 Token safe as possible, despite Orion being the only wallet that fully supports NTP1.

You can always find the latest version of all Neblio software at

Originally published at Neblio.

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