Neblio Development Update 7 (August 27 2018)

Aug 28, 2018 · 6 min read
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Enhancing the NTP1 Token Ecosystem & Upgrading the Neblio Network

We are extremely excited to share all of the new features we have been working hard on over the past weeks. Our top priority has been adding features and enhancements to improve NTP1 Token usability and adoption throughout our entire suite of software solutions, while also upgrading the underlying Neblio Network to dramatically increase its speed and transaction per second throughput.

neblio-Qt & nebliod with NTP1 Support Beta Release (Testnet)

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Since the release of Neblio Token Protocol-1, our web wallet, Neblio Orion has been the only way to store, send, and receive NTP1 tokens…until today. We are very excited to release Beta versions of neblio-Qt and nebliod that have full & native support for sending and receiving NTP1 tokens. This update adds new dialogs to neblio-Qt for users and new RPC commands for nebliod aimed at supporting exchange listings of NTP1 tokens.

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  1. The new NTP1 Summary tab gives you an overview of your NTP1 tokens and their balances.
  2. The Send Tokens tab has a new dialog to choose whether you would like to send NEBL, or one of your NTP1 tokens. You must click the refresh button to the right to populate your NTP1 tokens.
  3. On the Transactions tab, right clicking on a transaction and selecting “Transaction Details” will now also show NTP1 details included in that transaction, such as TokenID, amount, etc.
  4. If you have issues displaying your NTP1 tokens, you should first clear the NTP1 Token cache. Do this in the wallet settings and then click NTP1 Options.

NTP1 RPC Commands for NTP1 Listing on Exchanges

We have added the following new RPC commands so that Cryptocurrency Exchanges can easily support NTP1 Tokens. If any exchange has a request for a specific command or information returned by a command, please file a GitHub issue or contact us and we will add it ASAP.

Much of this work was completed over hundreds of hours by the team to solve problems and create solutions for a project that was originally thought to be unfeasible, or impossible. Thanks Sam!

Apart from simply adding NTP1 support to the wallets, this change fully decentralizes the NTP1 protocol, by adding new NTP1 methods of consensus to every node as well as removing a single point of failure for the NTP1 Protocol as the API server that Neblio Orion and Enterprise/Application users rely on, is not used by neblio-Qt & nebliod.

Please download and test this beta release as soon as possible, even if you do not normally run a testnet node/wallet. The more testers and active users we have the quicker we can find bugs and get this release ready for mainnet! Report all issues on GitHub or contact us. You can download here:

If you need testnet NEBL to use with your Beta wallet, or to issue your own NTP1 Token on testnet, you can easily get some via our NTP1 Testnet faucet at the URL below (change the address to your Testnet Address).

Neblio Block Explorer Gets NTP1 Support

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NTP1 support is finally live on the Neblio Block Explorer (Testnet)! This allows all to see the movement of NTP1 tokens, address balances, and even a list of all NTP1 tokens issued. This feature further enables Cryptocurrency Exchanges to list NTP1 tokens as they normally require a functional block explorer for token listing.

Currently Available Features:

  1. A new Token Page displays all currently issued tokens, with links for more information regarding individual tokens.
  2. Address pages now show NTP1 Token balances, along with NEBL.
  3. Transactions that move NTP1 tokens now have a token icon in the ‘Tokens’ column on all pages.
  4. Transaction pages now show NTP1 token transaction information for all transactions that move NTP1 tokens.

We’re excited to further refine the block explorer to display token metadata and more NTP1 information, fix bugs in our implementation, and bring this explorer to Mainnet in time for our other Mainnet upgrades!

Announcing Neblio Orion “Token Stacking”

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This is a minor, but MUCH requested feature for Neblio Orion that further improves the usability of both Orion and NTP1 tokens overall. Starting today on both testnet and mainnet, Neblio Orion combines all NTP1 token balances into a single entry! For those that do not use Orion often, each individual NTP1 transaction would create a new entry on your NTP1 Tokens page, meaning that you could have multiple entries for a single token such as “TRIF” and to get your total “TRIF” balance you would need to add up all of the entries on the page manually, and also send each entry separately. Whereas today, you will have a single entry for all of your “TRIF” with your total balance, what many users refer to as “stacking”.

While it may seem like a simple change from the outside, combining these entries into a single entry was not a small change due to changes needed to how tokens were selected during spending. We’re committed to continuing to improve the usability of everything related to NTP1. We’re listening, keep the feature requests coming!

Activating The Neblio Network Upgrade (Neblio Tachyon) on Mainnet

We’ve decided on a name for our Network Upgrade: Tachyon
A Tachyon is a hypothetical faster-than-light particle that we think perfectly describes this Network Upgrade for Neblio. We are massively increasing both the network speed and throughput and this name reflects Sam’s physics background who worked very hard to make this upgrade, and the NTP1 upgrades, possible.

After a successful Testnet Activation on August 1st, 2018, we are working to upgrade all of our Neblio & NTP1 software to be compatible with the Neblio Tachyon upgrade. Once we are ready (still planned for late-Q3/Q4), we will schedule the same upgrade for mainnet.

Tachyon Will:

  • After all of our optimizations, enable an incredible 119.4X increase in transactions-per-second throughput on the Neblio Network.
  • Increase Neblio’s OP_RETURN maximum size to 4096 bytes to allow for future NTP1 upgrades.

To read more about the Neblio Tachyon Network Upgrade, see our last blog post.

We’re excited to deliver continuous improvements to the entire Neblio & NTP1 ecosystem that improve the usability and functionality of NTP1 tokens and the Neblio Blockchain Platform. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Originally published at Neblio.

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