Aug 8, 2018 · 3 min read

Neblio Is Now Working With Ladder

As part of the Neblio’s roadmap execution we are happy to announce that we have started working with

In Q2 we started our marketing campaign and increased it gradually. However, as things progressed we realized that there were some issues that were slowing us down:

  1. Lack of Data — Since blockchain is a relatively new industry that is still being adopted, there is a lack of marketing data, and a clear path to what works. This translates into smaller initial campaigns to “test the waters” and overall slower progress.
  2. Lack of Time — Since we are a small team, setting up, running, and optimizing campaigns while also addressing the community and closing some strategic partnerships was becoming a challenge.

In order to fix these issues we had 2 options. Hire or outsource.

The natural choice was to hire more employees, expanding the team. The downside is that hiring is a long process and dealing with it would slow our marketing even more.

Outsourcing was done in Q2 for some various marketing tasks but proved to be inefficient, and did not produce results that met our high standards. The problem with outsourcing is that in many cases you get promises without an actual way to measure success.

In search of a solution that would quickly and efficiently help us take Neblio’s marketing to the next level we found Ladder.

Ladder is a big data marketing agency and platform. They work with hundreds of companies to improve their marketing performance.

The Ladder Planner platform is a drag-and-drop marketing plan builder with over 1000 proven growth tactics!

These tactics have been tested with Millions of dollars in marketing spend, taking the guesswork out of marketing.

One of the biggest advantages we see in Ladder is their transparency, and focus on measurable results which is a great fit with Neblio’s core values.

Ladder will help us become more of a “test-driven” organization with our approach to growth, launching / analyzing / iterating on monthly launch plans that improve our marketing KPIs.

Starting this month (August) the Ladder team will work closely with us to launch new marketing campaigns, optimize them and add more campaigns as we move forward. This means more creatives, content, and campaigns to drive our target audience.

Our marketing campaign will now increase by well over 100% in terms of volume and is expected to dramatically increase in ROI as well!

Working with Ladder will allow us achieve our marketing goals faster, and to spend more time on forming strategic partnerships.


Originally published at Neblio.

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