Neblio Marketing Strategy Update 1 (May 20 2018)

May 21, 2018 · 4 min read

An update on our Marketing Strategy

Now that Neblio has gotten to the point that we have a basic product to “sell”, Marketing has become the main focus of attention. In this update I will give a short overview of our current status and more importantly the strategy moving forward.

Stage 1 — The Basics

In the past 9 months since our project launch the marketing focus was on expanding the community, bringing positive awareness to Neblio, and building a strong user base for the stage that we are in today. I’m happy to say that the mission was accomplished.

Some stats:

  • Our social channels like Telegram and Slack have thousands of members.
  • Our desktop wallet has been downloaded more than 40,000 times.
  • Our brand has positive awareness and has gone from from being pretty much non existent on Youtube during the project launch to now, where there are over 9000 results in on Youtube when searching for the keyword Neblio. This is an average of 1000 Neblio related videos produced every month since we launched!
  • Over 45 NTP1 tokens were created in Neblio Orion.
  • 8 NTP1-based projects are currently in different stages of their project launch.

Stage 2 — New Frontiers

Our 2nd stage marketing campaign kicked off with our official Neblio Video:

I am happy that overall the response by the community and target audience was very positive. This video delivers a taste of what Neblio is all about and is used to bring potential end users to us.

We are now going to use this video in different campaigns to attract our target audience.

Our main target audience for this stage are the actual individuals and companies that want to transition to blockchain and can use the Neblio Platform. This is the most important audience. Other than the obvious fact that they are the reason Neblio was created in the first place, each and every one of them will boost awareness of Neblio as they promote themselves, thus exposing Neblio to many more people. At this stage, since we are not yet ready to onboard large corporations, our focus will be on targeting developers that are interested in Blockchain technology. We are already finalizing campaigns with some of the biggest dev related sites in the world, to filter and target top developers to come and join us.

The campaigns we are going to run include:

  1. Email marketing — Using large developer mailing lists to deliver the Neblio message.
  2. Sponsorships — Sponsoring blockchain related sections to drive targeted traffic.
  3. Webinars — We will host webinars for developers who are interested in learning more about blockchain. This will give us a direct and more personal relationship with our target audience.

Strategic Partnerships

We are putting a strong emphasis on long term partnerships. One example, is our latest partnership With Cred. Cred is a micro investing app similar to Acorns (that has over 3M users) except it will allow people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. They are planning on supporting around 20 cryptocurrencies on their platform, Neblio being one of them. Cred is now backed by Science Inc, which is a powerhouse in startup investment and development. This will help Neblio’s exposure to many people that are currently not in the crypto world. It will also help expose us to our target audience.

From a marketing perspective, the fact that Neblio stood out from over 1500 cryptocurrencies is remarkable and shows that we, as a team and community, stand out and are doing something different.

We will continue to work on and establish more strategic partnerships that will help us grow in the future.


Our community has grown substantially in the last 9 months. Up until now the community was more individual oriented, but as we move forward we are going to improve the community, make it more efficient, and focus on attracting more developers. A healthy blend of quality individuals, users and developers is the recipe for success.

We are currently exploring different options of enhancing our community and we will make a separate post once we come to a decision.

As part of strengthening the community and keeping it more informed about Neblio we will have a Reddit AMA on Wednesday May 23rd at 20:00 GMT in the /r/Neblio subreddit, where we will answer development and marketing questions.


So now that we covered the basic strategy of our marketing campaigns I would like to set some goals so we can measure the marketing campaigns success at the end of the year.

  • Network size — Over 100,000 wallet downloads.
  • NTP1 Tokens created — Over 200 NTP1 tokens created.
  • Projects — Over 80 Neblio based projects.

We look forward to continuing to spread the word about the great blockchain platform we have built for companies and developers!


Originally published at Neblio.


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