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Neblio Marketing Strategy Update 2

After outlining the general Neblio marketing strategy in my previous post, in this post I would like to give some updates.

Marketing Campaigns

Our marketing campaign started as planned in Q2 2018. It goes hand in hand with what we have to offer. So, as we move forward with product development, our marketing will increase as well.

Marketing is a very general term and is commonly misused by people. In the crypto world It is often mistaken with hype or trading activity. But real marketing is a science that is measured purely by numbers. Generally speaking, it’s a simple equation of how much you spend on marketing vs. how much you make.

When you deal with traditional websites the marketing is usually more straight forward. An e-commerce site can easily see how much they spent on marketing compared to how much they sold.

In the crypto world it is a little more complicated since the most commonly used parameter to measure a project’s success is the coin value. But since this is something that is strongly affected by general market sentiment (as we have witnessed in the past few months) the biggest challenge is to isolate and focus on what really works as a steady growth engine, as opposed to what just causes short term spikes in interest or price.

We have been doing some general marketing campaigns to get a feeling of what works and what doesn’t, and in this quarter the focus will be on creating automated marketing funnels that will bring more targeted, measurable results.

This will not be done alone. In order to speed up this process and scale it to its full potential, we are finalizing the details to start working with an experienced data driven marketing agency. A separate announcement will be made once we close the deal.


One of the things we focused on in the last month was the webinar. After a couple of attempts we got the content and flow right and we are now running some active campaigns on developer sites to bring in our target audience. As the Facebook crypto ad ban was lifted we are now also running campaigns on Facebook. We are already seeing dozens of signups from these campaigns, and this is just the beginning.

A big thanks to @Jaime and @XC for doing a great job hosting the webinar!

As many community members have requested to view the webinar, here is a webinar replay:

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested in learning more about Neblio.


As mentioned before we are focusing on long term strategic partnerships. We are targeting two types of partnerships:

  1. Partnerships that bring people to Neblio. These can be users, developer, companies, etc…
  2. Partnerships that will help those who choose to develop a Neblio-based project. We are creating an ecosystem that will help developers to easily launch their projects In a cost effective way.

Our Cred partnership is an example of the first type of partnership. It will help with Neblio’s adoption and give us more exposure to the masses. Cred is planning on launching their app towards the end of July with their own marketing campaign which should bring more interest to Neblio as well.

For the second type of partnership we are forming strategic partnerships with various tech and marketing companies that will give Neblio-based projects a special deal for using their services.

The partnership with Kind Ads was our first partnership of this kind, followed by the partnership with projectmanager.

Moving forward, we have more exciting partnerships in the pipeline, that will be announced as they are finalized.

While the effect of these partnerships is not immediate, they are very valuable, as they will help Neblio-based projects reach their full potential, which will reflect on Neblio’s overall growth.


One of the most important things for Neblio’s growth moving forward is the community.

Currently we have a few social channels like Slack / Telegram / Discord and it is becoming inefficient. Our community is scattered, and with the ever growing workload on the team it also affects the communication frequency and quality.

We are currently working on a solution that will help our community scale in a more efficient way and will make it more professional.

Stay tuned ;-)


Now that we are at the point where we have a lot to offer to our target audience, companies and developers looking to transition to blockchain, we can start using LinkedIn as another medium to find and attract members of our target audience.

We have launched our new Linkedin Page:

Content and updates will be posted here as well from now on.

Please make sure to follow the Neblio Linkedin Page as well!

We look forward to continuing to spread the word about the great blockchain platform we have built for companies and developers!


Originally published at Neblio.

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