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2 min readMar 28, 2019


Neblio Partners With A New Blockchain Development Company!

As part of Neblio’s vision to help companies and entrepreneurs easily transition to blockchain we are happy to announce that Neblio has partnered with Applicature!

Applicature is a blockchain agency that offers its clients blockchain development and full-cycle technical support for blockchain projects.

They currently work with some of the leading blockchain platforms, and are now adding Neblio as one of their platforms of choice.

Applicature’s founders, Ian Ihor Pidruchny and Andrew Zubko have been involved in blockchain for many years, and helped dozens of companies with their blockchain projects.

In the past 2 years Applicature was involved in over 100 projects.

Over 20 of them were blockchain proof of concepts and MVPs for industries such as: fintech, supply chain, arts and collectibles, digital rights and loyalty distribution, real estate, ticketing and events, loyalty and employee recognition, and more.

Applicature helped over 30 ICOs with Smart Contracts Development, TokenSale Cabinets, Security Audits, Marketing and Investor Relations Advisory.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, with a development center in Ukraine, Applicature has 15 developers, and is also an Oracle Blockchain Platform Silver level publisher.

The goal of this partnership is to help bring more quality projects to the Neblio Blockchain. It will allow us to direct potential projects, with blockchain development assistance needs, to an experienced blockchain development company.

Applicature is offering Neblio projects initial Pro Bono assistance — 4 hours of tech and business strategy Consulting for high level roadmap development and coaching. In addition, a 15% discount to projects coming from Neblio on the first service suite ordered.

Any project who is interested in exploring this opportunity please contact the Neblio Team and we will be happy to make the introduction.

This partnership is yet another step in the road to make blockchain technology accessible to everyone and turning Neblio’s vision into a reality.