Neblio Partners With Titanium Blockchain!

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3 min readApr 3, 2019


As part of Neblio’s vision to help companies and entrepreneurs easily transition to blockchain we are happy to announce that Neblio has partnered with Titanium Blockchain!

Titanium Blockchain is a blockchain ecosystem that offers its clients a wide range of blockchain solutions including research & development, and consulting.

Titanium currently works with some of the leading blockchain platforms, and are now adding Neblio as one of their platforms of choice.

In the past 2 years Titanium Blockchain has worked with over 25 blockchain projects.

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Titanium has over 65 developers. However, it is not a typical blockchain development company, rather it is a blockchain ecosystem that offers solutions to projects of different types and at different stages.

It operates the following brands:


FutureBlock is a blockchain accelerator focused on consulting, developing, and investing in projects ranging from very early stage (idea) all the way to established crypto projects.

It is now opening a new branch in Henan province China, with local partners and local government agencies.

The branch will offer easy entrance for western blockchain companies to the Chinese market, and also will form blockchain development projects with local Chinese entities.


TheICOPlatform is a turn-key solution to successfully run an initial coin offering (ICO).

The platform handles everything from client on-boarding, KYC, security, scalability, airdrops, and more.


Securer is a transparent & immutable blockchain based multi-protocol, end-to-end, and fully compliant platform for issuing and managing security tokens.

The partnership with Titanium Blockchain will help bring more quality projects to the Neblio blockchain, and will open up new regions for us!

Their advanced set of tools and blockchain experience can help interested Neblio-based projects launch their projects and conduct ICOs easier and faster. As an example, they can convert The ICO Platform to work with the NTP1 protocol if there is a project interested in that service.

Titanium Blockchain is offering Neblio projects free consulting. In addition, a 10% discount to projects coming from Neblio looking for Research & Development services.

Any project who is interested in exploring this opportunity please contact the Neblio Team and we will be happy to make the introduction.

This partnership is yet another step in the road to make blockchain technology accessible to everyone and turning Neblio’s vision into a reality.