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AI User Instructions

You can also watch the AI users demo video on our Youtube

How to Register as an AI User


Go to AI user login page and click “Sign up”


Enter the according information in each field. Please enter a valid email address to activate account. Click “Sign Up” and wait to receive your verification email.


You should receive an activation email in your email inbox. Click “Verify Email Address” button or copy the URL provided to finish your verification.


Congratulations! You have completed your registration. Enter your account username and password to login. A free 1,500 NBAI will be deposited to your wallet for early-bird registration.

Try Orion platform and Create a Task


Login to your AI user account. Go to your “Dashboard”


Click “Create Task”


Select a Ledger from “Ledger list”.

Choose your service type according to your needs. Orion currently offers 3 service types in our enterprise platform: Micro, Classic, and Premium.

Current active machines(AI worker) under your ledger group, their specifications and service cost will be displayed on the right side.

For more details on our service type and benchmark scoring, please consult our pricing page and benchmark scoring

Once you have set your device type, click “Next” to confirm and proceed to payment.


A pop-up window will appear, you will be asked to input how many hours you wish to reserve for your task execution.

Click “Confirm” to proceed.


You will see your order summary for your reserved service cost.

Your minimum payment is automatically calculated and entered in the box, taking your current credit into consideration.

A warning will remind you to deposit in case of insufficient balance.

NOTE: To guarantee the safety of your transaction, a 1000 NBAI credit deposit to your selected ledger will be required for the first-time task submission.

Click “Pay” to authorize your payment.

To Deposit

To deposit click “Deposit to wallet”

Copy this address to send NBAI coins.

NOTE: Be sure to only deposit mainnet NBAI coins


Enter a task name, select the number of GPU you will need, and upload your script.

Click “Submit” to continue

NOTE: If you do not have a script on hand, you can download our sample script to try out. Please also refer to script requirement on for the format of qualified task.


Wait for your task to be assigned to a worker.

Your task will be sent for device matching and being executed automatically. Once you have been matched, your task status will be updated on this page.

NOTE: Once you have been matched to a worker, you may leave this page. You can view the status of your task and download the results in the task history located in the “Dashboard” or “Task History” tab.


You may download your completed task results via dispatch page or from the dashboard

Download via dispatch page
Download from dashboard page


Download your file, unzip file manually and view your results

Congratulations you have successfully completed your task!

For more suggestions and questions regarding Orion platform,
please contact us at




Nebula AI is a decentralized blockchain platform where developers can deploy their Artificial Intelligence applications easily.

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Nebula AI is a Montreal based decentralized blockchain platform integrated with Artificial intelligence and sharing economics.

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