NBAI Token Swap Instructions

[ Last modified : December 14, 2018 ]

Reminders before you start the swap

1. Please send your NBAI ERC-20 tokens to a ERC-20 wallet address. Please ensure the wallet only has NBAI ERC-20 tokens and a minimum amount of Ethereum to cover gas fees.

2. In the unlikely event that you have not received your new NBAI after 72 hours of completing the transfer, please contact our staff ( with your NBAI wallet address.

Swap your Tokens

NOTE: Make sure you have created an NBAI wallet before proceeding to the swap. This NBAI wallet will be where all your tokens will be transferred to. If you do not have an NBAI wallet please refer to our guide to create one.

Go to the Swap NBAI Website
Input your NBAI wallet address. Click “Swap Now” to proceed.

Import your ERC-20 wallet keystore, and its password. Click “Import” to continue. Be sure you import the right keystore file! If you chose the wrong file, you are able to import the file again.

Once you have confirmed, you will see your wallet address, your total NBAI tokens and ETH balance. Make sure you have enough ETH to cover transaction gas fee! Click “Confirm” to continue to the next step.

If your wallet has not been mapped, you will be taken to Step 3. If your wallet has been mapped, you will be taken to Step 4.

NOTE: One ERC-20 wallet can only be mapped once to a unique NBAI wallet address. If you have already done mapping process for you ERC-20 wallet, you do not need to, nor are you able to, map the ERC-20 wallet again.

Map your wallet. Your address for your ERC-20 and the NBAI wallet you entered in the front page will automatically be filled. Verify Gas limit and Gas fee, we provide you a suggested number, however feel free to change the amount if fitted.

Click “Confirm” once you verify all the information.

Please be patient, it may take some time to map your wallet depending on the gas price you set. It is advised that you do not leave or refresh page when the transaction is taking place. If you refresh or the page, you will have to start the whole swapping process again. If the transaction is taking too long (possibly because you set the gas price too low), you can come back later and check if your address has been mapped on the front page.

NOTE: If you set the gas limit too low, the transaction may fail. Likewise, if you set the gas price too low, your transaction may be stuck for a very long time.

Please take efforts to make sure that the NBAI wallet address is exactly the one where you wish to receive your new NBAI coins. Click “Confirm” to start sending funds.

• The NBAI wallet mapped to your ERC20 wallet in our records will be the one where you receive your swapped coins.

• For your own protection, we only allow one ERC-20 address to be mapped to one NBAI wallet address (we do allow a NBAI wallet address to be mapped to multiple ERC-20 addresses). Therefore, if you find the NBAI address in our records is not the correct one you intend to map to your ERC-20 address, you will need to transfer your ERC-20 NBAI tokens to a new ERC-20 wallet address and start the swapping process again.

Once again your ERC-20 and NBAI wallet will automatically be filled in. Please input the NBAI amount your wish to swap in “Amount” field.

For larger amounts of NBAI, we highly suggest you send a small amount first to reduce the your risks.

We once again suggest a gas price and gas limit but feel free to change amount if necessary.

NOTE: If you set the gas limit too low, the transaction may fail. Also, if you set the gas price too low, your transaction may be stuck for a very long time.

Click “Confirm” once you have verified all fields are correct. Please be patient, it may take some time for the transaction to go through depending on the gas price you set. Do not leave or refresh page when the transaction is taking place.

If everything was filled correctly, congratulations you have completed the swap process. Please wait at least 1–3 business days to receive your tokens in your NBAI wallet. You will receive your tokens between the time stated in the message.

Take note or take a screenshot of your Transaction hash.

NOTE: In the unlikely event that you do not receive your tokens to your NBAI wallet after 3 business days please contact our staff at

Please include:
- NBAI wallet address
- ERC-20 wallet address
- Last Transaction hash provided

Checking if you have Mapped?

If you have already completed the process of mapping your wallet but left the page without completing the entire swap process, feel free to check if the mapping has succeeded by using “Check Mapping”.

A pop-up will appear, you will be asked to input your ERC-20 wallet address. Click “Check” to see if your wallet was registered

A message will appear either stating that your ERC-20 wallet has already been registered or a message saying otherwise.

How to export a Keystore file for your Metamask wallet

Step 1

Go to MyEtherWallet, and follow their instructions on creating a new wallet.

Step 2

After you entered a password and click “Create New Wallet”.
You will be prompted to download your keystore file. Keep this file in a safe place.

If you already have a MyEtherWallet, you can download the keystore file by clicking on the “View Wallet Info” tab, unlock your wallet and download the Keystore file.

Step 3

Transfer your ERC-20 NBAI token from your non-keystore-exportable wallet (like Metamask) to your MyEtherWallet wallet.

NOTE: This step can varies depending on which non-keystore-exportable wallet you use (if not using Metamask).

Go to this page

Click the hyperlink “Connect with Metamask” on the top of the “Write Contract” tab to connect to your Metamask in the website.

Scroll down to method number 10. Now in the “_to” field, input your MyEtherWallet address that you are transferring your NBAI ERC-20 tokens to. In the “_value” field, input the result given by the amount of NBAI you want to transfer multiplied by 10¹⁸

Example 1
If you intend to transfer 1 NBAI token, you will calculate 1*10¹⁸=1000000000000000000.
You will input “1000000000000000000" in _value field .
Example 2
If you intend to transfer 234.567 NBAI tokens, input 234.567*10¹⁸=234567000000000000000 in _value field
You will input “234567000000000000000” in _value field .

If you have installed the Metamask plugin in Chrome, you will get a popup from the Metamask plugin

Follow the instruction on your Metamask interface and click SUBMIT.

NOTE: You will need to have a minimum amount of Ethereum in your Metamask wallet to cover the transaction fee in order for the fund sending to go through.

Step 4

After the transaction is confirmed, you should be able to see your NBAI token balance in your MyEtherWallet address

Add the NBAI token using the “Show all Tokens” button

NOTE: If not already, you will need a minimum amount of Ethereum in your MyEtherWallet, to cover for the gas fee, for each transaction in our token swap to go through.

Now your keystore file is ready to use in our token swap process!