Nebula-AI and Genomic Technology Company Allwegene Tech sign a long-term strategic cooperation agreement

Earlier this week in Beijing, Nebula AI and Allwegene Tech signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement.

The two companies will be working closely together to establish multiple projects such as biological genetic research center, life science research and development laboratories, big data center for Chinese medicine, Gene Cloud Computing Platform, and more.

Nebula AI will provide technical solutions in digital encryption and artificial intelligence algorithms, providing a full set of technical support during the establishment of the Gene Cloud Computing Center.

Both parties stated that this agreement marks a positive contribution to the development and widespread application of genomics technologies.

Allwegene Tech. is committed to promoting technology development and industrial transformation in the gene sequencing industry. It uses the world’s most advanced next-generation sequencing instruments and high-performance computing devices. They are building a cross platform research and industrialization technology platform that combines biotechnology (BT) and information technology (IT).