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Nebula AI — December 2019 AMA Monthly Report

Nebula AI — December 2019

AMA Monthly Report

Nebula AI hosted the December 2019 AMA session on January 10th 2020. Community Founder, Charles Cao has updated with community members about the latest project and business progress, as well as answered questions from the community.

Development Progress

Completed Xiamen Center GPU Server Testing

The Xiamen Center’s GPU server testing in China in December. Nebula AI will be moving forward on implementing the data center in China. The official launch is planned after the Chinese New Year (by early February).

Completed the halving in test-net and production

This month, Nebula AI mainly focus on completing the halving in the test-net and production.

System alarm monitoring function settled

A new function has been added to the platform: the system alarm monitoring function. When the platform appears any abnormal situation, an email notification will be sent automatically to different stakeholders and customers.

Add free hours for notebook and container service

Notebook has launched a new function towards new users to add Free hours. Considering certain products such as Notebook and CNS requires more technical skills. Instead of offering free NBAI credits and pay for the working hours, we have implemented the Free Hours function to facilitate the task.

Below is the interface of Orion Notebook. Users can check the Free Hours available in “My Profile” beside CNS Free Hours and Notebook Free Hours.

Improved coupon function

Orion implemented a new coupon function. Users can redeem the coupon code and gift card code via “Promotion” in “My profile” to receive the corresponding reward value.

New component design

A new component named “Archer” is in development, it’s planned to be revealed in the first quarter of 2020.

Business Progress

Signed the intention letter working with McGill University in Edge computing

Nebula AI has signed an intention letter collaborating with McGill University in Edge computing on machine learning integrating with NBAI’s storage plan. It’s a transnational research project funded by the Quebec government. This project opportunity will widen the market between the academy, medical center and transnational project field to Nebula AI.

Developing AI in stoke project integrating Edge Cloud Computing solution.

In 2020, Nebula AI will be working with Professor Steve Liu in the field of AI in the stoke project. He is the Vice President R&D, Chief Scientist and Co-Director of Samsung AI Center Montreal; Faculty and associate member of Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA); Associate member of McGill Centre for intelligent machines(CIM). Currently leading the School of Computer Science at McGill University. Nebula AI believes to achieve great success in the field of AI and cloud computing in 2020.

Working with Hunan University in a machine learning project, target start date July 2020

Nebula AI will be collaborating with Hunan University in a machine learning project, it might be supported by the National Research Center of China. It’s a research project on the AI industry, due to confidentiality issues, project details cannot be revealed yet. This project is still in its early stage, the expected start date will be in July 2020.

Received new government funds for NBAI Edge Cloud Computing development.

A new fund from the government has been received to support our NBAI Edge Cloud Computing development. Besides, Nebula AI is elected by Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN), CENGN will be providing several data centers to test Nebula AI’s services. And will provide various types of high-end Nvidia GPU servers to expand further its attack. The project is planned to start from February to June 2020

Athensoft Decided to increase the usage in Notebook and signed a new contract

Nebula AI’s business partner Authensoft Informatique Inc, has decided to increase the usage in Notebook and have upgraded a new contract. Nebula AI will continue serving Athensoft by providing AI educational support and resources.

Approved by China “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts “

The application for “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” in Hangzhou has been approved in December. Nebula AI has officially obtained the permit for overseas talent recruitment.

Nebula AI Node 1.0.0 Upgrade

The NBAI network will be undergoing a scheduled upgrade at block number 3,075,000, which is predicted to occur on Wednesday, January 15, 2020. The exact date is subject to change due to variable block times and time zones. As of today, we had 9 nodes has been completed the upgrade.

The reward per block has been reduced from 35 to 17. The direct result of this change will reduce the annual output of NBAI tokens from 80 million to about 40 million, and the effective latency rate and market circulation ratio will fall to less than 4%.

New partners

Hunan University

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

The Montreal Neurological Institute & Hospital

Nebula AI has officially become partners with the institutes mentioned above and will continue to work with them to enhance future projects.

New team members

Neo Lin CTO

• Over 10 years of experience as a cross-domain software engineer

• Worked as CTO at Jetmint, Developer manager at Standard Chartered Bank, Senior Scala developer at Razorfish, Senior consultant at Morgan Stanley, and Associate Vice-President at Citibank Canada.

• Proficient in Scala, Akka, Java 8, Kafka and more.

• Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at the University of Waterloo

Deely Wei Business Development Analyst

In charge of globe business improvement

Future Plans

Q1: Setup San Francisco office, China DC in operation, halving on production

In Q1, the main focus is to set up the new office in San Francisco and to establish the Data Center in China. Several obstacles in the early stage have delayed the process. Though the building process and test have been completed. The new data center is planned to launch after the Spring Festival. A few numbers of customers in China have been developed. The next step will be transferring data to the upcoming data center.

Finally, the most important task in January is to complete the blockchain halving work successfully. For the moment the process is in good condition.

Q2: Mobile wallet development and new exchange support, integration with IPFS

The main focus in Q2 will be developing mobile wallets. With the massive increase in business partners this year, the direction has made the decision to conduct a full mobile application development and testing work. In order to serve clients with better experiences.

The other focus is the fundamental infrastructure of the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). As the Firecoin project starting in March and other IPFS projects moving on, a selection between Firecoin and IPFS will be made to integrate into the SDK software development kit. These services will be officially open toward the public in Q2. The integration of the third-party blockchain project platform and the cross-chain work of Tokens that were mentioned in the white paper are expected to be completed in the second quarter.

Q3 Working with Universities and government projects, enhance NBAI edge computing platform encryption and privacy protection

In the Q3 the focus will be on the projects collaborating with the government and universities. These projects will involve a large number of transnational data, security, edge computing, software and hardware systems. These tasks with high intensity will require a lot of time and energy. More specific details will be announced during the development of Q1 and Q2.

Q4 Sales and Break even

In Q4, the focus will move onto sales and growth. In the past few months, Nebula AI went through a two-digit % sales growth, and the products have reached more business clients. The growth estimate in 2020 is very positive. Nebula AI expects to reach the break-even before the fourth quarter.



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