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Nebula AI — Monthly Report of May

Technology Progress

· Start the referral program to Orion, where both you and your friend will receive 1500 NBAI upon activation of new account.

· New users who register to the Orion Platform will receive 1500 NBAI as a welcome bonus.

· Add chart and more details for the top 100 accounts on

New Tab Added for “Top 100 Chart”
Top 100 accounts in Chart format

· Add network full node address for online wallet, which allows users to use their own full node (HTTPS required) and enable users to view balance, transactions and transaction history. See Github

New button to use your own full node

· Add more details for worker information page and enable retrieving worker and task info by worker wallet address or worker ID(DID).

AI Worker 2.1.1

In the month of May, we released AI Worker 2.1.1. In this latest release, we improved connection stability as well as facilitating the launching and deposit process for new workers.

You can download the latest version on our Github

We also published a video tutorial on our Youtube channel

Orion User Manual and New UI Design

In May, we published the Orion User Manual. You can find all documentations necessary for the Orion Cloud platform

Orion User Manual Interface
New Orion Cloud Platform Interface

Orion Notebook

The Orion Notebook is an improved version of the Jupyter Notebook which is integrated to the Orion platform. The Notebook uses GPU resources of the Orion platform for editing a variety of programming languages. Key features of this web application include users can debug scripts anytime and anywhere; the scripts, running and debugging results can be automatically saved, a useful tool for reviewing development, documentation, code running to results display. Users can login to the Notebook from their browser with one click, eliminating the need to install and configure. The Notebook will also be used in the field of AI education.

You can login to Orion Notebook via the Dashboard

Business Progress of May

Informatique Athensoft Partnership

This past month, we started cooperation with Informatique Athensoft. We are providing the Orion Notebook and other resources for their education and training courses.

And on June 1st, Nebula AI partnered with Athensoft at an event called “Youth Special AI Workshop” for young kids to learn more about artificial intelligence. This event concluded with a public signing ceremony of the strategic partnership witnessed by all attendees.

You can read more details about the partnership and event on our blog post

BTCsoon using Nebula AI technology

Near the end of May, BTCsoon has launched their exchange. BTCsoon is using Nebula AI technology to run their exchange. It is important to note that we are not in charge of any operations related to the exchange. We only provide the technology support.

Ubimust meeting

On May 15, our CEO, Charles Cao and CTO, Quihui Lin, visited local mining company, Ubimust. It was a fruitful meeting where they presented newly developed hardware.

Free Token Swap End

On May 20th, 2019, we ended our extended free token swap. The free swap period was a success! The majority of NBAI tokens holders have made the switch to mainnet NBAI.

However, holders of NBAI tokens who did not swap to mainnet NBAI during this period still have the opportunity to swap their ERC-20 NBAI, though please keep in mind there is now a 1% fee to swap.

Use the token swap website:

Read Instructions of token swap:

We once again would like to remind the community that CoinBene operates on mainnet NBAI. Do not send your ERC-20 NBAI, as you risk losing those tokens.




Nebula AI is a decentralized blockchain platform where developers can deploy their Artificial Intelligence applications easily.

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Nebula AI is a Montreal based decentralized blockchain platform integrated with Artificial intelligence and sharing economics.

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