How well do you know Nebulas NOVA?

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Ten years ago today, on Jan 3, Satoshi Nakamoto created the genesis block and left a statement in it: “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks,” which started the generation of cryptocurrency. After one decade, bitcoin has had a ever increasing influence around the world. Nebulas, with the goal of being a Autonomous Metanet, is advancing the evolution of blockchain to a new era.

Nebulas NOVA officially launched on December 31, 2018, which symbolizes that Nebulas officially steps into the autonomous metanet era. To commerate this event and share it with the community, we invited Nebulas Chief Architect Samuel Chen, Ph.D. to give a overview of the code on Nebulas Github. In addition, we welcome community members to join us in the Nebulas Bug Bounty Program, and Nebulas Wiki Bounty Program.

With the release of Nova, we will be launching the Nebulas NOVA testnet Developer Incentive Protocol(DIP) and we welcome community developers to partake in it and win NAS reward!

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