AMA on Nebulas NOVA Developer Incentive Program

Recently, the Nebulas team created the“Nebulas Community Forum”, a platform for community members to send posts, leave questions, share resources and discuss together how to build a stronger and more prosperous Nebulas ecosystem.

On this Thursday, January 10 from 7PM to 8PM(PST), 2019, Nebulas team will hold a live Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) on Nebulas Community Forum, with the topic of “Nebulas Incentive Program on Nebulas NOVA Testnet”. During the AMA, Nebulas founder Hitters Xu and Nebulas Research Institute director Dr. Xuepeng Fan will give a detailed explanation on the rules and details about Nebulas NOVA Testnet Developer Incentive Program. Click here to enter Nebulas Community Forum.

Community members are welcome to sign up in our forum and leave your questions first, also you can discuss with community members all over the world. Furthermore, to encourage community members to join in this AMA, the Nebulas team will select 10 participants with constructive ideas, and reward each of them with 5NAS!

To visit English community forum,click here. (The AMA is in the Meetup tags)

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Twitter: @nebulasio