An open letter to the Nebulas community.

The evolution of technology is not easy and make no mistake, we believe that Nebulas is the next great step forward for blockchain technology. Nebulas was founded with simple core concepts: to create a platform for everyday people and a robust solution for developers of all backgrounds. However, putting the ideas to practice has challenging technological and philosophical hurdles that no other blockchains has attempted to address.

While the Nebulas Incentive Program has successfully introduced blockchain development via JavaScript to thousands of users, we recognize what we must do more to improve the next season of the Incentive Program and more importantly, what concepts we need to refine for the future of the Nebulas’ self evolving ecosystem into the distant future.

With this being said, we want you, our beloved community to know that we hear you and we are working hard for you. We need your feedback, your interactions and most importantly, your continued support!

Now, with this intention in mind, we’d like to address the community’s most frequently asked questions.

Will the previous week’s results be reconsidered?

Once Nebulas announces a winner, we will not retract any winnings. The results must be preserved to maintain the immutability of the blockchain and must only be improved to reflect a more accurate result in the future.

Nebulas did update the results of the Super Contributor Program for the month of June due to verified findings of bribery and fraud which violated the agreed upon terms of service prior to the announcement of token rewards. Read more at:

How come Nebulas core developers did not assist with community DApp development?

Due to the overwhelming response for the Nebulas Incentive Program, many of our team members were busy reviewing submitted DApps. In addition, the Nebulas core team is extremely busy working on planned project releases. Nebulas was also put into the difficult situation of customer service for a global community and due to this challenge, our support level for the community suffered. However, we acknowledge that developer support must be a top priority. Without you, there would be no Nebulas.

Why have Nebulas co-founders been quiet in recent weeks?

Since there has been no change to the Nebulas Core Team, this community question took us by surprise. In fact, the leadership team and all team members are more committed now than ever! Therefore, a “lack of comment” does not indicate a change in Nebulas management or leadership.

Furthermore, the Nebulas founders strongly believe that community support is the key to success, and with this in mind, we encourage you, our community, to take a more active role in core development and community member engagement.

How can we better interact with the community?

Since community interaction is extremely important , Nebulas Ambassadors are currently interacting with the community around the world.If you have any community related questions, join us on our subreddit at

Nebulas is also committed to providing a community friendly environment for developers. Since we feel that Stack Exchange will help facilitate this process, please commit to our proposal here: Meanwhile, we invite you to contribute on our slack channel at

How can we be more transparent?

Our team has always felt humbled by the ever-growing community support we have received. Our position is that we should let the ‘technology speak for itself’ rather than barrage the community with over-exaggerated marketing campaigns. At the same time, we must accept that blockchain competition is rapidly increasing and we do feel it’s important to keep some details private until official announcements are made.

However, since our project is still a work-in-progress, we appreciate the necessity for transparency and therefore, we will endeavor to better communicate our plans and progress on ambitious milestones.

Be sure to visit for weekly updates and more — directly from the team.

Why the overrepresentation of Asian DApps and developers?

Yes, Nebulas has a large representation of supporters in Asia, but since a great deal of the team’s history began with companies in Asia,this is to be expected.

However, we are currently expanding our marketing and extending our support to western-oriented developers. With this in mind, the Nebulas Ambassador Program was designed to promote international awareness, while, at the same time, support local developers around the world. For Nebulas to be truly successful, the support of a worldwide community is essential!

Can you explain why Nebulas Rank is showing preferences toward DApps that possibly shouldn’t have won?

It is important to understand that the Incentive Program did not use Nebulas Rank. Instead, the Incentive Program utilized a custom algorithm that determined the value of an address and associated smart contracts. The data received from the Incentive Program gave us invaluable information that will help us further develop the actual Nebulas Rank algorithm. We know that many people felt that the ranking system was manipulated and we understand this perception. However, at the same time, we must retain the rules defined for the immutability of our decisions and the future of the blockchain. For more information about the algorithm that was used, visit:

We are taking steps to ensure that our ranking algorithm provides a ‘fairer’ result for our community and this is one of the main reasons we are yet to announce the date for Season 2 of the Incentive Program. We want to be certain that all issues are corrected for the benefit of the community.

The team at Nebulas endeavors to ensure that the community is taken care of. We appreciate your consistent hard-work and honesty, and we know that without you, there would be no reason to strive for improvement.

Currently, Nebulas is openly looking for questions from the community. To submit your question, visit:

The Nebulas Team

This post was submitted via a Nebulas Ambassador and contributing writer; however, this post is official and comes directly from the Nebulas team.