Announcement about the Implementation of off-chain Nebulas Rank (NR) Code and SDK

Recently, the Nebulas Technical Committee has completed and open-sourced the implementation code of off-chain Nebulas Rank (NR), and have released the relevant RESTful API. The SDK (software development kit) has been made public to our community.

The open-sourced implementation code of off-chain Nebulas Rank(NR) provides the algorithm functionality of Nebulas Rank which was mentioned in the Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper. It can be used to compute the NR value of accounts on both Nebulas and Ethereum. In addition, it will also provide NR service to the community through its API.

The open-sourced Nebulas Rank algorithm and the releasing of the relevant RESTful API establish foundation for the application of Nebulas Rank(NR). Users can download and run the implementation code of the off-chain Nebulas Rank (NR) to compute the NR value of accounts on both Nebulas and Ethereum, and thereby execute the code on their own server. The release of the RESTful API SDK brings benefits to community members and developers alike who can directly call the API to acquire NR value of different accounts on both Nebulas and Ethereum from different dimensions and in return develop more analytical and advantageous DApps.

Nebulas Rank(NR) opens the door for developers to explore blockchain applications.

With Nebulas Rank (NR), the blockchain world will have more expansive possibilities; be it a decentralized search, ranking, game, finance and credit, social, or applications relying on blockchain big data information from higher dimension data.

Currently, the implementation code and SDK of Nebulas Rank (NR) have already been uploaded to the github. We welcome the global community of developers to participate in the development of DApps relevant to Nebulas Rank(NR). Together, let’s explore the blockchain ecosystem and build a better world.

For more information:

Click here to download the open-sourced implementation code of Nebulas Rank (NR).

Click here to download the Nebulas Rank (NR) SDK.

Community members are welcome to openly discuss technical questions about NR through the technical discussion email group on Nebulas’ website.

Nebulas technical email group

Nebulas Technical Committee
September 30, 2018

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