Announcement on Token Swap Ends via NAS nano

NAS token swap via NAS nano (v2.2.0) has closed on 16:00, October 10 (UTC+8), 2018. NAS nano thereafter doesn’t support the self-service token swap within 72 hours.

How to swap your ERC20 tokens into Mainnet NAS coins after the self-service token swap via NAS nano ends?

After the self-service token swap ends on 16:00, October 10 (UTC+8), ERC20 token holders can still swap their tokens via exchanges. Currently, exchanges that support swapping ERC20 tokens to Mainnet NAS coins are as follows:

After the self-service token swap ends, how can ERC20 NAS token holders participate in ATP Smartdrop?

ERC20 token holders can swap their tokens via before the snapshot (16:00, October 15, UTC+8).

Important Notice

1. About the information of NAS token swap via NAS nano, please refer to the relevant announcements on Nebulas official website (

2. Please pay attention to the fake applications, false messages, phishing websites, phishing emails, fake customer service, etc. The Nebulas team WILL NOT ask users for private keys — please be aware of potential frauds!

3. The Nebulas team assumes no responsibility for any loss caused by users’ personal fault or third parties.

4. The time between October 10 (16:00, UTC+8) and October 30 (16:00, UTC+8) is Abnormal Situation Processing Period. During this period, ERC20 NAS token holders can submit token swap applications via NAS nano. The Nebulas team will review and process the successfully submitted applications before 16:00, October 30 (UTC+8) according to the actual situation.

If you have any questions during the token swap period, please contact us: contact

Nebulas team

October 10, 2018

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