Announcing the Nebulas Technical Committee

Nebulas research and development’s current focus is Nebulas 2.0 (Nova), which is expected to be completed by the end of the fourth quarter of 2018, implementing Nebulas Rank, Developer Incentive Protocol and Nebulas blockchain execution environment.

At that time, Nebulas 2.0 (Nova) will become the first public chain with native incentives for developers, greatly expanding the development possibilities of community developers and helping Nebulas community’s development. To ensure the smooth realization of Nebulas technologies’ vision, we initiate the attempt of Nebulas technology community-driven development by following the objective laws of blockchain community.

Nebulas Technical Committee (NTC) will play an important role in the process of Nebulas community development, which will serve as the pilot of the community project direction and the enabler of technology implementation. NTC will adhere to the spirits of openness, sharing and transparency, and be committed to promoting the decentralization and community-driven development of Nebulas technology R&D.

Blockchain technologies open the possibilities for building new, self-motivated and open source communities. The technical concepts of Nebulas including the value discovery system, the self-evolution and the self-motivation provide a guarantee for building a world of decentralized collaboration. NTC will make every effort to realize the vision.

The first Nebulas Technical Committee consists of the members from the Nebulas Foundation, the Nebulas Technology Development Team, the Nebulas Research Institute, and the Nebulas Ecosystem Project. The members are as follows:

Hitters Xu: Founder & CEO of Nebulas, Founder of AntShares (NEO), a blockchain pioneer in China, the former Director of Ant Financial’s Blockchain Platform (Alibaba’s financial arm) and part of Google’s Search & Anti-Fraud team. Since 2013, Hitters has founded BitsClub (the very first Blockchain/Bitcoin community in China), ICO365 (one of the largest ICO platforms) and FBG Capital (one of the earliest Crypto funds).

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Aero Wang: Nebulas & Antshares (NEO) co-founder, initiator of OpenIP & IP Community, a serial entrepreneur in blockchain industry. Graduated from Southeast University.

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Xuepeng Fan: Research Director of Nebulas. Former Senior Software Engineer of Whova. Ph.D. in Computer Science from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. His research interests are in blockchain system, distributed systems and parallel programming. He has also been a visiting scholar of University of California, San Diego, and an intern of Microsoft Research Asia and Megvii.

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Congming Chen: Chief Architect of Nebulas. Ph.D. in computer science, graduated from Chinese Academy of Sciences. Got BS degree from the University of Science and Technology of China and Postdoctoral Research Scholar in the University of California, San Diego, America. Founding Engineer and project manager of Whova for 7 years. Samuel is an enthusiast of new technology, aiming to create great product which can change the world.

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Zhuoer Wang: Ecosystem Developing Director of Nebulas. Former founding member and team lead in Whova Inc. Ph.D. dropout from UC San Diego focused on operating system and system reliability, got the Master degree in computer science from Tsinghua University, interested in parallel computing and distributed system.

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Iris Li: Product Director of Nebulas. Information Architect, focus on Human-computer Interaction, former Product Manager of TaoOnTheRoad. Graduated from Tongji University in Computer Science and Technology.

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Cheng Li: Co-founder of Atlas Protocol (ATP). Former Senior Software Engineer at Google NYC. Worked on speech recognition/biasing, assistant query understanding and knowledge graph in Google Play. Former Director of Engineering at FreeWheel NYC with 7+ years of experiences in building advertising system for the Internet, running engineering teams in both Beijing and New York. Graduated from Peking University with Master’s degree in Computer Science, with focus on information security.

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*In the future, NTC will gradually accept the members from the community, and the specific rules and requirements will be announced later.

Nowadays, in the field of blockchain innovation, the open source communities are showing infinite power and greater possibilities. Companies, organizations and individuals all can participate in community-driven open source projects. We hope the development and use of Nebulas will bring together the community’s power. NTC will unswervingly promote the community-driven development of Nebulas, and build an incentive positive and prosperous Nebulas ecosystem based on the Nebulas technical concepts and vision.

September, 2018

Nebulas Technical Committee

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