ATP Smartdrop Applying Process Begins

The applying entrances for ATP Smartdrop has opened on October 17, 2018 (UTC+8).

The Atlas Smartdrop is one of the featured projects of Atlas Protocol. Compared with traditional airdrops, the Atlas Smartdrop achieves on-chain interaction and avoids blind marketing. For the users, the on-chain data is public and transparent, which will protect and benefit the users.

Smartdrop Applying Qualification

  1. To apply ATP, you must have full ownership of the Mainnet NAS addresses.
  2. The Mainnet NAS address used to apply ATP must have contained more than 0 Mainnet NAS at the time of the snapshot which occured on October 15 16:00 (UTC+8).

Smartdrop Applying Methods

Community members with full ownership of their Nebulas Mainnet address (Nebulas addresses start with “n1”) have to confirm their claim via one of the following methods. If you do not have full ownership of the address, you cannot participate in the Smartdrop.

  1. Open NAS nano and you will see the Smartdrop apply button on the home page. Enter your Mainnet NAS address, and submit the ATP application.
  2. Open the official ATP website(, you will then see the ATP applying button on the home page. Enter your Mainnet NAS address, and submit the ATP application.

If you have any problem when you apply for ATP, please send an email to, and title it as “Smartdrop claim issue”. The email content must include the claim certification(transaction hash).

For the users who hold their Mainnet NAS coin on, please pay attention to the announcement from pertaining to the ATP Smartdrop. Other exchanges will not support the ATP Smartdrop.


1. For the detailed information about the ATP Smartdrop, please refer to the related announcement on the Nebulas official website.

2. Only qualified Mainnet NAS coin holders can participate in the ATP Smartdrop. ERC20 NAS token (address starts with “0x”) holders CANNOT participate in the Smartdrop.

3. Please pay attention to the fake applications, false messages, phishing websites, phishing emails, fake customer service, etc. The Nebulas team WILL NOT ask users for private keys — please be aware of potential fraud! The Nebulas team assumes no responsibility for any loss caused by users’ personal fault or third parties.

4. The Nebulas Council has the final interpretation of the ATP Smartdrop and will adjust the related rules according to the actual situation. Please review the recent announcements from Nebulas.

Nebulas Council

October 17, 2018

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