Behold: The Age of Nebulas NOVA is Upon Us!

Just a few short weeks ago, the Nebulas team announced its plan for the Nebulas version 2.0 code named NOVA. This revised roadmap and vision, consisting of Nebulas Rank(NR), Nebulas Blockchain Runtime Environment (NBRE) and Developer Incentive Protocol(DIP), will enter public beta by the end of 2018, and is scheduled to be publicly released in 2019. To commemorate this event and further detail their passion and vision, the Nebulas team has released a new website. So, let’s take a look at the new website and see how Nebulas Nova is an impressive triumph to the blockchain ecosystem!

Welcome to Nebulas NOVA!

Upon entering the website, users are greeted with a sea of colors to demonstrate the ocean of data in the blockchain world and how Nebulas will make sense of this chaotic environment. The primary focus of NOVA is to create a sustainable blockchain ecosystem through the use of Nebulas Rank, Nebulas Blockchain Runtime Environment and Developer Incentive Protocol.

Since the Developer Incentive Protocol provides an unprecedented “Native On-Chain Incentive Ecosystem” for developers, it is an important step for building a positive, healthy incentive-based ecosystem.

Autonomous Metanet

As a new addition to the Nebulas vision, the website introduces the Autonomous Metanet! The purpose of the Metanet is to handle and explore complex on-chain interactions and expanding network collaboration. Ultimately, the Metanet will achieve the Nebulas vision of a blockchain ecosystem where all participants benefit from a decentralized world!

Some of the use-cases of the Metanet include:

  • Cross-chain search capabilities
  • On-chain interactive marketing with data-monitoring and analysis
  • On-chain project evaluation utilizing cross-chain interactions
  • Economy forecasting for the blockchain ecosystem
  • Assisting venture capitalist with finding and exploring new on-chain investments opportunities
  • Further empowering gaming DApps with expansive on-chain data interactions beyond what we currently experience

Nebulas NOVA is paving the way for the Autonomous Metanet — this next epoch of blockchain technology has a anticipated release date of 2020.


Recently, to further strengthen the bond with the community, Nebulas has also released a Wiki. In addition to helping the community learn more about Nebulas, this Wiki will also assist developers with creating their vision on the Nebulas blockchain.

So, whether you are new to blockchain or a veteran DApp developer, the new website has something for everyone to explore. Be sure to head over to today and keep on believing!

To further involve the community in development and to further secure the network, Nebulas also recently released their revised bug bounty program. Be sure to check out the available rewards.

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