Call a Smart Contract on Nebulas

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3 min readMay 5, 2018


Nebulas Wallet Part 7

YouTube video — coming soon

Open up your index.html file

Click the Contract tab and then Click the CALL tab

Lets break this down one by one so first the function

In the previous tutorial we Deployed a Contract. This Smart Contract has functions that we can call. Fucking Amazing right!

Here we have the function SAVE with the ARGUMENTS

Lets review the Smart Contract functions so we know what were Calling

Here we have the save function with the parameters (height)


The To ADDRESS needs to be the CONTRACT ADDRESS this address is given to you when you Deployed a Contract

(Note: if you forgot the contract address you need to re-deploy the contract)

Once you have your Contract address entered into the To Address section We can add 1 to the Value / Amount to Send

Click Test and the results should be

Now we can Click Submit

Click the txHash to view the status

We can call the balanceOf function

Here we: add the balanceOf function, unlocked our wallet, added our contract address and Clicked the Test button

The Test result shows the balance that we saved with save function. The reason we see the balance is because we called the balanceOf function.

Basically call contract means that we call functions inside the contract. Simple Enough.

This concludes our usage of the Nebulas Web Wallet.

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