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Check your NR & see how many tokens you can receive from the NAT Distribution!

Nebulas Rank (NR) is a on-chain, native value measurement mechanism for the contribution of accounts on Nebulas and is a invaluable asset of the Nebulas ecosystem. It also serves as a sorting algorithm for the Nebulas core and the mapping of important metadata within the Autonomous Metanet. NAT is the asset derived from Nebulas Rank which will be embodied in the form of a NRC-20 Token and will serve as the only voting medium within the Nebulas ecosystem governance.

How many NAT will an NR receive?

The total circulation of NAT is related to the NR of the entire network. It will be the initial reference point for the network after the completion of the first Nebulas NOVA proposals on May 6th, 2019. Based on the current Nebulas Rank of the entire network and the current initial parameters, the upper limit of the total amount of NAT tokens to ever exist will be 100 billion.

Issuance method: NAT tokens will airdropped to addresses on the mainnet network on a weekly basis; the number of airdropped tokens per week will be decremented. The decreasing coefficient is λ. Initially λ = 0.997 — ie at week 180, the number of dropped NATs will be reduced to 60% of the first week.

On Monday, the NAT smart contract on the mainnet of Nebulas will begin the initial airdrop based on the NR value of all user’s address last week. The airdrop ratio is: 1NR≈


Above Formula breakdown:

λ: attenuation coefficient
μ: incentive parameters for voting behavior
Xne: the sum of the NR of non-exchange address of the entire network
Xe: NR sum of the entire website exchange address

Based on the NR stats of the entire network on April 16, 2019, the airdrop ratio of the first week is about 1NR = 0.0029NAT.

What is Nebulas Rank?

Within the Nebulas economy, the basic unit of governance is an “address.” Nebulas Rank quantifies the contribution of each “individual” to the economic accumulation via mathematical expression of the contribution to each address. At the macro level, the relationship between the number of currencies, the value of money, the rate of circulation, and productivity in the blockchain is described by the classical equation of the quantity of money in economics. The Nebulas Rank of the entire network can reflect the overall liquidity of the Nebulas ecosystem and activity.

Nebulas Rank is divided into “Core Nebulas Rank” and “Extended Nebulas Rank.” As per the issuance of NAT, the main reference point will be the “Core Nebulas Rank.”

“Core Nebulas Rank” primarily refers to two factors:

  1. The median value of the account within a certain period of time
  2. The degree of access to the account over a certain period of time.

The release of NAT will measure the calculated Nebulas Rank on a weekly basis with reference to the median and the degree of access of the assets within the week.

Fairness is one of the core features of Nebulas Rank and makes it inherently resistant to cheating. This is one of the most important reasons for Nebulas rank to review each address and to “decide” the number of NAT to distribute per address. Due to the fairness of Nebulas Rank, “attack” behavior on the main network of the Nebulas chain can not bring higher Nebulas Rank benefits to the attacker and thus cannot give the attacker the right to vote beyond its actual contribution to the economy. NAT is designed so that users can prevent the “ticketing” behavior generated by users controlling multiple account.

How to check your Nebulas Rank

To view your core Nebulas Rank, visit:

How to improve your Nebulas Rank

To learn more about improving your Nebulas Rank, visit:


To learn more about Nebulas Rank, please review the Official Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper: Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper

Detailed algorithms for NAT will be disclosed in the future within the Orange Paper: Nebulas Community Governance & Autonomous Metanet.


  1. For all information about the NAT airdrop, please refer to the relevant announcements issued by
  2. To protect your assets, please pay attention to fake applications, fake news, phishing websites, phishing emails, fake customer service, etc. The Nebulas team will never ask users for their private key — please beware of fraud! The Nebulas is not responsible for any loss caused by the user or a third party;

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