Creating A NAS Wallet

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2 min readApr 9, 2018


Nebulas Wallet Part 1

YouTube: Watch this on YouTube

Step 1

Go to Nebulas GitHub Web Wallet

Download the source code using the Terminal

git clone

If you don’t know what a Terminal is you can also Download the zip file

Note: Nebulas doesn’t use a dedicated website for the web wallet because of security. Its always safer to do these types of things offline.

Step 2

Go to the Web-Wallet directory

Open the index.html

When you Click index.html (this will open up your browser)

Creating New Wallet

Now we will create a Password (must be 9 characters) then click Create New Wallet

WARNING: KEEP YOUR KeyFile Safe and Don’t forget your password. (if you forget your password you won’t be able to access you NAS.

Step 3

Save your Key file to your computer

Click Download Keystore File to Save to your computer

NOTE: The KeyFile allows you to create transactions offline.

Great Job! You just created a NAS Wallet.

In the next tutorial I will show how to SEND NAS - Part 2




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