Disclaimer Regarding Private Pools for NAS Pre-Sale

Recently we have noticed that there are some private pools that claim they are authorized third-party channels for NAS pre-sale, with some even claiming to be “the exclusive channel”. We are glad to see that Nebulas community members are highly vigilant as they turned to Nebulas for the authenticity of these so-called “exclusive channels”.

Nebulas hereby announces that:

  1. The pre-sale is open only to accredited investors who have completed standard KYC & AML procedures.
  2. Nebulas has never authorized any private pools as third-party channels for the pre-sale. Nebulas is not related in any way to all those current private pools, which are the results of autonomous actions by community members.
  3. Nebulas hereby warns all participants of the risks related to these private pools and will not be responsible for any loss resulting from indiscreet investment decisions related to sham private pools.

To know more about our pre-sale, please visit our official website. Click on “Contact Us”, fill in the form and our team will contact you.
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The early bird period for pre-sale will end at 00:00, December 16th EST on a first-come-first-serve basis. Don’t miss it!