Exploring the Public Chain Technology Alliance — Blockchain’s bridge from concept to creation!

The past year has been a roller coaster ride in the blockchain world with spectacular highs and disheartening lows. While most who obtained tokens or coins during this timeline are solely interested in profitability (and there is nothing wrong with that), the bigger picture is missed or ignored by most. In fact, most people cannot distinguish blockchain from cryptocurrency; incorrectly considering them one in the same. In reality, cryptocurrency does not need blockchain nor does blockchain need cryptocurrency.

Today, the blockchain environment is an emotionally driven system with little thought to the long term and many projects have either slowed down development or even completely disappeared; taking a hefty toll, both mentally and financially, on the blockchain community. While it seems rare for a project to actually thrive at this point, there are many reasons for this:

  1. Blockchain became a hot term for investors and startups with little to show of a actual project.
  2. The decline of the overall value has many frustrated and ready to accuse a project of wrongdoing.
  3. The majority of startups are technically inept and do not possess the technical knowledge to actually complete their mission.

Furthermore, although the ideas proposed by many projects suggest real-world usability, going from an idea to an actual product is far more difficult than most realize.

Recently, Hitters Xu who has been an important part of the blockchain community for many years, as well as the creator of the first Bitcoin community in China, announced the creation of the Bitsclub Vision Program (BVP). The purpose of BVP is to further advance the development of blockchain technology while also introducing the technology to the masses.

Since its inception, BVP has founded the Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA). In the spirit of community and cooperation, PCTA acts as a bridge to assist blockchain projects to go from concept to creation while also bridging developers and communities together. PCTA recently launched with 8 founding projects including Nebulas; a public blockchain project whose mission is creating a positive feedback ecosystem for users and developers alike. To achieve this goal, many novel technologies are being developed by the Nebulas Research Institute.

Moreover, the PCTA has not gone unnoticed by influential projects either! In fact, shortly after launching, more projects have joined the alliance totaling 15 projects in all. In my opinion, it’s pretty incredible that in such a short period of time, many projects are leaving behind the archaic idea of competition and choosing to coexist through collaboration, thereby creating something of benefit to all!

No doubt, developing alliances that are both forward thinking and beneficial for all involved is a momentous step towards creating the roadmap for the future of public blockchains!

For more information about Nebulas, visit: https://nebulas.io

For more information about the Bitsclub Vision Program, visit: https://bitsclubvp.io/