Guidelines for Submitting DApp for NIP

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Before submitting your DApp

Please check that your DApp meets the following requirements, otherwise it will fail to pass the review:

1. Must have a publicly accessible URL, or a download address to a mobile application or offline DApp.

2. Must have smart contracts connected to the Nebulas mainnet. Submitted DApps should use smart contracts that are integrated with the Nebulas mainnet.

3. DApp actually be used, does not crash, and there are no errors affecting the user experience.

4. DApp does violate NIP laws and regulations.

5. There is no fraudulent intent behind the DApp.

6. Users are not required to enter their private key.

7. There is no plagiarism or infringement on intellectual property rights.

8. The DApp has practical uses.

Please check whether your DApp conforms to the relevant guidelines to improve your chances of winning NAS rewards. Your DApp is more likely to win if it has been used by a large number of people.

Our standards for reviewing DApps

1. Security requirements

1.1 Applications that threaten users’ assets security will not pass the review.

1.2 Applications shall not require users to upload private key

1.3 If the application requires the uploading of a keystore, it needs to make sure that it does not contain malicious code.

1.4 If fraud exists in the application, it will be deemed a threat to asset security. For example, DApps that defraud money under the guise of airdrops will not be tolerated.

1.5 Applications should not require users’ to use NAS for no reason. If required, the use case should be reasonable. For example, it is reasonable that an electronic mall requires users to have wallets to pay for shopping. If an application asks users to donate money without explanation or reason, the donation is deemed as meaningless and the DApp will not pass review.

2.Originality requirements

2.1 Duplicated applications

Your application should aim to provide a practical use case. It is likely that your DApp will fail the review if the following conditions exist. Also, if your DApp is similar to other submitted DApps, its final ranking will be negatively impacted.

2.1.1 The DApp shall not significantly duplicate code from other existing DApps.

2.1.2 DApps that plagiarizes smart contracts and only makes modifications at user interaction-level will be phased out.

2.1.3 Registering different accounts to submit the same DApp, when the DApp’s content has not meaningfully changed, is not accepted.

2.1.4 DApps with a high degree of similarity and duplications, such as various message boards with a different interface, are not likely to pass review.

2.1.5 The DApps does not have an actual relationship with blockchain.

2.2 Originality requirements

We encourage innovation in the blockchain world. This will help to improve the ranking of your DApp.

2.2.1 Your application is innovative and gives full play to the features of blockchain.

2.2.2 Although the use cases of your DApp already exist on the Internet, it is applied to the blockchain industry for the first time.

3. Basic brand awareness

We encourage DApps to come with an original name, domain and easy-to-remember LOGO.

4. Design

4.1 Duplicated design

4.1.1 If your design plagiarizes others, you’ll fail the review.

4.1.2 If the same application simply changes its appearance without substantial improvement, it will also affect the review process.

4.2 The minimum requirement

We make the minimum requirements for UI interface, interaction, etc. The following situations will affect your review results.

4.2.1 The core function does not work, such as malfunctioning critical button or URL, and there are bugs in the interface.

4.2.2 There is no timely and correct feedback in the user experience, such as error boxes, etc.

4.2.3 DApps that use digital assets such as NAS need to be able to identify correctly in the process of transaction, and allow users to cancel and terminate the process. Otherwise, it will affect the review.

4.2.4 Interface elements such as character and buttons cannot be recognized, or mislead users.

4.2.5 Desktop applications and mobile applications respectively do not conform to the general specifications of related devices.

4.3 Design guide

Download the DApp design guide.

We encourage developers to improve the user experience of their DApp. Higher quality dApps will feature interface and interaction design. It will also help DApps to be more popular with users, and therefore improve the DApp’s ranking in NIP.

4.3.1 The DApp should have information such as how to contact the developer, or have information boxes to guide users, or inform users of errors.

4.3.2 The DApp should have user-friendly content such as help documents or help tips.

4.3.3 The DApp is innovative and applies the features of blockchain in a flexible way, or the DApp solves a problem that no DApp has before.

5. Law

Blockchain is universal, however, it still needs to comply with the related laws and regulations, respect intellectual property rights, prevent fraud, and safeguard fair trade and free competition.

Upgrade of selection criteria for new application rewards

Nebulas Incentive Program has received positive response from the developer community during the last two weeks. Until now, we have received over 1600 decentralized app (DApp) submissions.

We are glad that developers from all over the world have once again proved the great potential of community development. However, we also noticed that DApps submitted at present still fall short in terms of encouraging user adoption and solving real use cases. And we often see patterns in the types of mistakes made.

As mentioned in the implementation rules of Nebulas incentive program, Nebulas selects excellent applications according to its original algorithm. The Nebulas algorithm aims to find “ excellent” decentralized application (DApp) by open and fair technical means. In this case, “excellent” applications are those that are widely accepted, popular and viral. In short, we aim to encourage developers to develop more practical DApps.

During this week’s review, whether a DApp passed the review was largely depends on Nebulas algorithm. Apart from “importing users private keys” and “infringement and plagiarism,” the ranking results of Nebulas ranking algorithm will also directly affect whether a DApp is considered as a valid submission.

Applications that are too simple and similar with others are judged as unqualified. That is to say, the creativity of a DApp and its actual adoption by users will affect ranking results and determine whether that DApp can pass the review.

We aim to gradually improve our evaluation standard for “excellent” DApps. This means every week the criteria for determining DApps that are eligible NAS rewards will be refined. These guidelines presented in this article are effective immediately, and are an improvement from the relatively looser standards set out in Week 1 of NIP. By continuously improving our criteria for DApps that can win NAS, we can promote a continuously improving DApp ecosystem.

By the way, if you didn’t get a new application reward this week, you’ll still have chance to improve and resubmit it next week. Keep refining your DApps, NAS rewards await you!

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