Hello Beijing and Nebulas Team

Recently, the Nebulas team invited myself and other U.S. ambassadors to visit their office in the heart of the Beijing tech center. This was my first time visiting China and I did not know what to expect. From western media, all we hear about are the difficult conditions facing inhabitants. To my surprise, I found a vast city teeming with life, large parks, fields of trees, families living their lives and no pollution to be seen. It is truly a modern city.

One of the most amazing things I found while visiting is that China is nearly a cashless society relying on payments via their mobile devices. Credit cards were accepted in few places and when paying with cash, the merchant was not too happy about accepting it. China is truly advanced in many aspects of daily life when compared to most of the world and it’s easy to understand why many blockchain projects are emerging from the Asian market.


Nebulas developer hard at work

Myself and the other Ambassadors joined up and headed to the Nebulas office. The location of the office is in the heart of the tech center of Beijing. Around us were modern skyscrapers and the Nebulas office which overlooked a Microsoft development center. When we arrived, we had the opportunity to meet with founders Aero Wang (co-founder/COO) and Hitters Xu (founder/CEO). We also met with many other team members from developers, marketing and business development. They were all warm and welcoming to our presence.

The team prepared a special presentation for us sharing some future plans as well as the current roadmap progress — and let me say, I am quite impressed by all that is nearing completion and I am excited for the team to share the official announcements in the near future with the rest of the community.


After numerous meetings, I personally had the opportunity to sit down with key Nebulas leaders and interviewed them. I asked questions specific to their roles and even their opinion about the overall blockchain ecosystem. The interviews included key personnel such as:

  • Joel Wang — lead ecosystem developer
  • Samuel Chen — lead mainnet developer
  • Arthur Fan — lead research developer
  • Hitters Xu — Founder and CEO

Look for these interviews in the following weeks on YouTube.

Thank you to the Nebulas team for taking the time to share your opinions with the community!


Myself and the famous DimOk at Huobi

We started our Wednesday by visiting the Huobi Beijing office learning more about their structure and direction. It’s quite impressive to see how large Huobi has become in a very short amount of time which exemplifies the substantial growth of blockchain in the past 18 months. Who knows where blockchain will be in 2020 which is just 16 months away!

Hitters Xu sharing during community day

In the afternoon, the Nebulas office hosted a meetup for local community members. It was great to see people who share a similar blockchain vision halfway around the world. The meetup started with Hitters Xu sharing more about the Nebulas vision and current direction. Afterwards, special guest Duran Liu who is the founder of Atlas Protocol and recently received millions in seed funding from Softbank, Baidu ventures and other investment firms. Duran explained the purpose of Atlas, how it will be of benefit to the blockchain ecosystem and why Nebulas is the perfect foundation for this project.

Winning developers from the Incentive Program

Afterwards, Ambassador Rg Mo talked more about community, what the Ambassadors have achieved these past months and what the future holds. Myself and the other Ambassadors in attendance participated in a public discussion about our opinion of the current status of the Nebulas ecosystem and what the future holds. It’s always interesting to hear the opinions of others.


A trip to Beijing is not complete without a visit to the Great Wall and that is where we went! It’s also of coincidence that the great wall is basically a bunch of blocks built upon each other — dare I say a chain of blocks. A relatively short ride out of the city brought us to one of the world’s greatest wonders and it did not disappoint. Sitting on top of a mountain was a ancient structure built by sheer determination centuries ago and this is a thought that resonates with me about technological development — albeit, evolution is not as (usually) brutal as in the past.

In the history of mankind, there have been projects that were thought to be illogical or even impossible but the determination of a few made these lofty dreams possible. Blockchain has gone through a similar evolution phase. During blockchains inception, few believed it would be anything of value but here today with thousands of projects striving to create a fundamental change to the world around us by using this novel technology.

In my opinion, it’s clear at this point that only the strongest blockchain projects will survive and I still believe in the ideology behind Nebulas that makes it a strong project.

I would like to say thank you to the Nebulas team for the warm welcome and sharing their passion with me and the others. Here’s to the future!