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How to obtain NAT — Part 2: How to Pledge your NAS via offline mode

If you have not yet seen part 1 which details how to pledge NAS via NAS nano Pro online mode, visit:

What is NAT

“NAT is the asset derived from Nebulas Rank which will be embodied in the form of a NRC-20 Token and will serve as the only voting medium within the Nebulas ecosystem governance.”

All users with a Nebulas mainnet address (except for the blacklisted* address) can choose to pledge their mainnet NAS, receive via airdrop based on your Nebulas Rank (NR) and participate in Nebulas on-chain voting to get NAT.

How to pledge NAS in offline mode

Offline pledge mode allows users that access their Nebulas address via a keystore file to pledge their NAS. In addition, you can sign a pledge transaction via a completely offline computer and submit the transaction via a online computer.

To begin, you have two options to sign a transaction via keystore file:

  1. Via a downloaded package from the Nebulasio Github page: — This is the recommended method for users using keystore files.
  2. Via the online Pledge NAS portal: (this mode is fully online).

Note: the only smart contract address accepting NAS pledges is: n1obU14f6Cp4Wv7zANVbtmXKNkpKCqQDgDM
Please verify this address before completing your pledge!

If you choose to utilize the downloaded package method, continue below. Otherwise visit and skip to step 3.

  1. Download the pledge client to your computer and extract the files. The download is available at:

2. Open the folder containing the extracted files and open the file “pledge.html” within your browser.

Open “pledge.html”

3. Click the “Offline” mode link at the top of the page:

The form will change to the offline mode

4. If you are online, you can complete Step 1: Ge Account Info. Simply enter your NAS address and the pledge status will be displayed. The two options displayed is: “have not pledge” or “pledge X NAS.”

The picture above shows an address that has not pledged from this address.

5. Step 2: Generate Transaction” is how users with Nebulas addresses accessible via a keystore file can generate a pledge transaction. At this point, you can use a completely offline computer or simply disconnect your computer from the internet. Confirm that the contract address is consistent with the following address: n1obU14f6Cp4Wv7zANVbtmXKNkpKCqQDgDM
Note: This is the only address you can pledge to. If the address does not match, do not continue.

Verify the “Action” is set to “Pledge” and click “Select the Keystore file” to open the keystore file with the “.json” file extension and enter your wallets password.

A transaction will be generated that will need to be broadcast via a computer with a internet connection. If you are using a offline computer, save this generated raw transaction to a online computer via your preferred method.

6. With the generated transaction completed, “Step 3: Send/Publish Transaction (Online Computer)” is how you transmit your request to the Nebulas blockchain. From a online computer, with the generated transaction entered in the input field click “Send” to submit the pledge transaction to the Nebulas network.

The transaction status can be queried via the Nebulas explorer by clicking on the “Explorer link”:

7. After the offline pledge operation is completed, you can check the pledge status by using “Step 1: Get Account Info” from a online computer.

You will then see the status and how much NAS you have pledged from this address.

If you have any questions, please ask on the Nebulas community forum at


  1. For all information about the NAT airdrop, please refer to all announcements issued by
  2. To protect your assets, please pay attention to fake applications, fake news, phishing websites, phishing emails, fake customer service, etc… The Nebulas team will never ask users for their private key — please beware of fraud! Nebulas is not responsible for any loss caused by the user or a third party;

To learn more about NAT, visit:

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
New Telegram(EN):
Community Forum:
Instagram: nebulasio
Facebook: @nebulasproject
Twitter: @nebulasio



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