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Implementation Details of Nebulas Incentive Program Season 1

Nebulas Incentive Program Introduction

Nebulas is a next generation public blockchain, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem. The Nebulas mainnet launched on March 30, 2018. To foster a sustainable and healthy ecosystem, the Nebulas team is committed to encouraging more developers to continue to build more and higher quality decentralized applications (DApps) on the Nebulas mainnet.

In the spirit of giving everyone the chance to benefit from the fairness of decentralized collaboration, we are launching the first installment of our global Nebulas Incentive program, to encourage people who share our values to help build the Nebulas blockchain.


00:00, May 7, 2018 to 00:00, July 2, 2018, Beijing Time


Developers who know JavaScript and have mastered or are willing to learn how to build blockchain application.

Community supporters who share values with Nebulas.

Reward Categories:

Nebulas Incentive Program is divided into two categories: Developer Incentive and Referral Incentive.

Developer Incentive

New Application Award:

Get 100 NAS for every valid DApp submitted. (See the “Selection Rules” below for more details.)

Weekly developer rewards

Weekly Champion (one winner): 10,000 NAS

Weekly 2nd Prize (one winner): 5,000 NAS

Weekly 3rd Prize (one winner): 3,000 NAS

Weekly Excellence Award (20 winners): 300 NAS

A single DApp will not be able to be re-awarded with the Weekly Champion, Weekly 2nd Prize, and Weekly 3rd Prize, in the weeks subsequent to the submission of that DApp. However, one DApp can win be re-awarded with repeated Weekly Excellence Awards, even in weeks subsequent to the original date of that DApp’s submission.

Nebulas will select the outstanding apps according to its proprietary algorithm. (See the “ Selection Rules” below for more details.)

Monthly developer rewards:

One winner: 20,000 NAS

The winner of the monthly developer award will be selected from amongst the top three DApps submitted every week in a single month. (One winner from the top 12 outstanding apps submitted each month.)

Excellent developers will have the opportunity to join Nebulabs (Nebulas Labs), enjoying full support of Nebulas including Nebulas technology, funding and community resources. We are here to help you achieve success with your blockchain project.

Referral rewards

Referral rewards:

Community members who successfully refer developers to build on NAS are also rewarded. When a referred developer successfully submits their app to Nebulas, the referrer will receive 40 NAS, if the referred developer wins the prize, the referrer will receive a 20% commission based on the developer’s reward.

Monthly referral rewards:

Monthly Referral Champion (one winner): 10,000 NAS

Monthly Referral 2nd Prize (two winner): 2,500 NAS

Monthly Referral 3rd Prize (three winner): 1,000 NAS

Referrers are eligible to participate in the monthly rewards for monthly (every 4 weeks) recommendations of 5 or more valid developers. If the number of effective developers recommended by the referrers exceeds this number, , then only the first 5 developers recommended by a referrer will be considered.

A valid developer is a developer who successfully submits at least one DApp during the time required.

Selection Rules:

New App reward selection criteria:

DApps that meet the following requirements are considered to be submitted successfully upon review.

  • The application can operate normally in the Nebulas mainnet;
  • The application has a basic interface;
  • The application has basic requirements rationality;
  • The application does not involve copyright disputes, does not plagiarize or copy other applications, and does not harm the rights and interests of others.

Weekly and monthly excellent DApp reward selection criteria:

Nebulas will select excellent DApps according to its original algorithm. This Nebulas algorithm aims to find “excellent” decentralized applications through open and fair means. From a technical point of view, we define “excellent” according to a variety of evaluation criteria, including whether DApp’s interaction is smooth, the design is artistic, it can solve practical problems, and so on. This incentive program is aimed at finding “excellent” DApps that are widely embraced and popular.

1. Basic principles of the DApps ranking algorithm

This algorithm combines the importance of different account addresses to determine the level of excellence of a DApp, examining how a DApp is called by the number of different account addresses.

For the importance of the account address, we consider the transaction record of the account address over a period of time: that is, the more frequent the account address transacts, the more important the account address.

The call of the DApp includes two aspects:

  • The greater the number of different account addresses called by a DApp, the higher the DApp will rank;
  • The greater the number of important account address called by a DApp, the higher the DApp ranks.

2. Introduction to anti-cheating strategies

We are well aware that in this event, it is likely that a handful of speculators will attempt to harm the interests of others or use unconventional means to make illegal gains. With this in mind, we have developed anti-cheating measures to protect the interests of Nebulas developers, promoters and users.

For example, when measuring the importance of an account address, we take into consideration the account balance of that address, which makes cheating impossible. For accounts that transact normally, the impact is minimal. If speculators try to increase the importance of account addresses by creating more fake accounts, it will not be worth the costs.

3. DApp Ranking

Click here to see DApp Ranking details.

4. About Nebulas Rank

We did not directly use Nebulas Rank as described in the white paper for two reasons:

(1) Nebulas Rank described in the technical white paper is aimed at a more sophisticated transaction network, while Nebulas’ mainnet is just released over a month, so the transaction network remains relatively sparse;

(2) The purpose of this incentive program is to encourage more developers and referrers to join the Nebulas community, encourage community members to learn and understand DApps, and promote the growth of the Nebulas community. NR’s goal is to evaluate the value of an account address, which is not exactly in line with the goal of this incentive plan. In fact, facing the specific DApp use cases, developers can flexibly use the open-sourced algorithm of Nebulas Rank and to optimize their DApps. .

5. About the strategy adjustment

We always regard the healthy development of Nebulas ecosystem as our most important objective, and it is also the responsibility of our Nebulers community to protect the interests of Nebulas developers, referrers and community members. For Nebulas, the interests of different development stages are also different, we’re always here to listen to all voices from the community and respond to different interests.

For these reasons, we reserve the possibility to further adjust to the algorithm used in this selection to respond to different requirements in the community.

The algorithm is designed by Nebulas research team.

Selection process:

DApps are open for submission on Monday, May 7, 2018, with a full week (7 days) as a selection period.

Every Tuesday we will announce last week’s rewards on our website and official channels.

Monthly rewards will be announced on the first Wednesday of every four weeks.

Nebulas has the right to adjust the reward disclosure time according to the specific circumstances such as holidays.

How to register:

Sign up on the Nebulas website ( to get the promotion code. We’ll open the registration shortly, please stay tuned. Developers need to submit the DApp information on Nebulas website, and DApp submissions will start on May 7.

These resources can help you learn how to develop DApp on Nebulas:

Learn how to develop DApp on Nebulas in two hours.

DApp samples download

About Nebulas:

Nebulas is a new generation public blockchain, aiming at a continuously improving ecosystem.

1. Value Ranking

To enable value discovery in blockchain, Nebulas Rank measures multidimensional data in the blockchain world and powers the decentralized search framework.

2. Self-evolution

To avoid the damage caused by forking to the blockchain, Nebulas Force enables rapid iteration and upgradability to its blockchain without the need for hard forks.

3. Native incentives

With forward-looking incentive and consensus mechanisms, the Nebulas Incentive rewards developers and users who contribute to the sustainability and growth of the ecosystem.

About the Nebula 1.0 Eagle Nebula Mainnet

The Nebula 1.0 Eagle Nebula mainnet has all the features of Ethereum and surpasses the second-generation blockchain in several ways:

  • Nebulas is developer-friendly and supports the use of JavaScript to write smart contracts and DApps, making it easier for anyone to get started building in blockchain;
  • Nebulas is the only blockchain that implements the world-renown LLVM compiler, features superior performance through concurrent technology, with a transaction processing capability of 2000TPS;
  • Nebulas is more secure, stable, and has strong expandability. It also provides novel measures to invoke smart contracts and upgrade protocols.

About the Bonus Pool

To ensure the users’ asset security on the chain, the Nebulas mainnet temporarily adopts the technical mature DPoS consensus before Proof of Devotion (PoD) is officially launched. Nebulas comes from the community and serves the community. On the same day the Nebulas mainnet launched, we established “Nebulas Incentive Foundation” on the principle of maximizing the interests of the entire Nebulas community, and use all the NAS from DPoS booking to promote the development of our community.

Daily Bookkeeping Income: 8219.1744 NAS

Two months total income: 460,000 NAS


  • 1) Nebulas Foundation reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of this Incentive Program.
  • 2) During the implementation of the Incentive Program, the Nebulas team reserves the right to adjust the reward settings, selection criteria and DApp ranking algorithm in accordance with the actual operation conditions;
  • 3) Bonuses will be issued in the form of NAS. Nebulas will not be responsible for any changes in the price of NAS caused by the market;
  • 4) Nebulas is entitled to disqualify any participants found to be in violation of the laws and regulations of the Incentive Program and/or infringing on the rights of others;
  • 5) Bonuses that cannot be issued due to rules and other reasons are reserved by Nebulas for the ecosystem development of the Nebulas community;
  • 6) All taxes related to rewarded income, if any, are your sole responsibility;
  • 7) In no event will Nebulas be liable to you for any direct, special, incidental, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages;
  • 8) You grant Nebulas the necessary intellectual property and use of personal information for the implementation and advertising of this Incentive Program for free;
  • 9) You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Nebulas Foundation harmless from any claims, injuries, damages, expenses or losses of their users.

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
Twitter: @nebulasio



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Nebulas / Nebulas is a next generation public blockchain, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem.