Important Announcement on the Nebulas Lock Up Bonus Program

We will launch the NAS ERC20 token unlock program starting on a date between April 15th to 25th (UTC+08:00). (Review the lock up bonus program)

The unlock period will last for 10 days, beginning from the first day of the launch. For example, if we begin on April 18, the unlock period will last until the end of April 28. During this period, the NAS ERC20 token will return directly to each participant’s ERC20 token address.

We are now running a test to check that we have the correct receiving address for all participants in the token unlock program. In this test, a small sample of NAS tokens (0.00314 NAS) have been delivered to the participating ERC20 token addresses.

This is to make sure that all participants can receive their returned tokens during the unlock period. Participants must verify on their own that they have received this test sample of NAS tokens in their address.

Please check you have received the sample tokens in your account, and contact us at if you have NOT. (Remember to use the same email address used during our lock up program before.)

When we start the unlock program, Nebulas will NOT be responsible for any tokens delivered to the wrong address if participants do not check their addresses and contact us by 23:59, April 20 (UTC+08:00).
Testing period: April 13th to 20th (UTC+08:00)
Amount of sample tokens: 0.00314 NAS ERC20 tokens (this may appear as 0.0031 NAS in wallets that do not support 5 decimal digits.)
Target token addresses: All token addresses that participated in the Nebulas Lock Up Bonus program from 16:00 Nov. 2nd, 2017 to 16:00 Dec. 5th, 2017. (UTC+08:00)
Checking method: Target token addresses will receive 0.00314 testing NAS ERC20 tokens.


Please reconfirm:

1. The address you used to participate in the lock up plan was NOT an exchange address.

2. You have full ownership of the address you provided.

Disclaimer Notice:

Please be careful to identify fake messages, phishing websites, phishing emails, clone accounts, etc. Nebulas assumes no responsibility for the financial losses stemming from fraudulent sources.

Nebulas reserves the rights of final interpretation to unlock and return tokens. If you have any questions about this event, please e-mail

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