Initiation of “NAS Token Bonus Program”

Since the initiation of Nebulas, we have gathered a lot of attentions and supports from the blockchain community and for that, we express our deepest gratitude.

In the past few months, we have achieved greater heights on all our different aspects (e.g. stronger team, technological improvement, globalization strategy and etc.)

To encourage our existing NAS token holders to agree to exchange existing NAS tokens for mainnet NAS tokens (upon the launch of mainnet), Nebulas will be initiating the “NAS Token Exchange Program with Bonus Program”, where a further 5 Million (5,000,000) coins will be distributed to existing NAS token holders.

Click here for further information regarding the “NAS Token Bonus Program” .

To date, there are 5 million NAS tokens in circulation, fully distributed by accredited investors without any monetary terms involved. These tokens make up 5% of the total amount of NAS tokens.

In view of Nebulas achieving a breakthrough, which is the launch of Nebulas test net, Nebulas will be launching an official sale of NAS tokens shortly. Terms and conditions regarding the token sale will be announced in due time.

To facilitate the above-mentioned launch, effective from 20:00, Nov 16 2017 (UTC-08:00, PST), Nebulas has halt all trading on exchanges.

Project Update:

Nebulas test net is on track to go live next month, and the expected date for Mainnet is projected to be in the end of Q1 2018, earlier than what’s documented in our whitepaper.

Nov 24, 2017

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