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Yesterday on October 31, 2018, the Nebulas Mauve Paper: Developer Incentive Protocol was officially released, which is a great step in Nebulas development and has generated heated discussion in the blockchain community. We are publishing this official interpretation to provide the Nebulas perspective on some of the key points. In addition, if you partake in our “Mauve Paper Reading Activity”, then you will have a chance to receive gifts from Nebulas!

Official Interpretation of Nebulas Mauve Paper

Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP) aims to reward DApp developers in the Nebulas ecosystem, so as to help developers benefit fairly from the decentralized world and at the same time, to promote sustainable development of the Nebulas ecosystem. DIP is based on the design of Nebulas Rank (NR), and also includes many excellent features of NR. Therefore, to some extent, NR is the foundation of DIP.

DIP includes two steps in its implementation: DApp ranking score and developer incentive distribution. In the first step, voting of a DApp simply means calling the DApp, and the ranking score is based on users’ voting action. In the second step, rewards (NAS reward) will be distributed to DApp developers’ addresses according to their ranking scores.

In the following section, we will give a detailed interpretation on the key part of the Mauve Paper.

Calling Is Voting

Different from the traditional evaluation based on download numbers, DIP innovatively defines voting action as the users’ calling the DApps. Such strategy has some advantages. On the one hand, users’ calling action is public on chain and cannot be tampered with. On the other, compared with simply downloading the DApp, the calling action can better reflect the users’ real usage of the DApp. At the same time, we removed the data relating to fund transfer in the calling action, since such data will cause noises and may also lead to cheating behavior.

Ranking Score Calculation

After collecting users’ call action, we adopt the method of square root and function to calculate the DApp ranking score, instead of the commonly used linear summation.

By using this calculation method, the more DApp’s the user call, the higher effectiveness their voting is. Through this way, we can encourage users to interact with more DApps, and can also effectively prevent developers from buying users.


Actually, we take into consideration the various potential cheating behaviors when designing Nebulas Rank (NR). However, since both common users and developers are included in DIP, the cheating behaviors become more complex. Therefore, we have a detailed analysis on the potential cheating behaviors in the actual situation, as well as the anti-cheating feature of DIP, including buying voters, malicious splitting and Sybil attack, etc.

We have always believed that the value of blockchain systems cannot be separated from the contribution of everyone, which includes not only the liquidity brought by the users, but also the creativity of DApp developers. The publication of the Nebulas Mauve Paper marks a milestone in the Nebulas ecosystem and will definitely play a vital role in further Nebulas development.

Nebulas Mauve Paper: Developer Incentive Protocol has been open sourced on the Nebulas GitHub. Community members are welcome to discuss and give suggestions: GitHub

Nebulas Research Institute

Nebulas Mauve Paper Reading Activity!

Wanna get Nebulas hoodies, T-shirts and caps? Now you have the opportunity.

From November 2nd to 4th (UTC+8), 2018, we are having a “Nebulas Mauve Paper Reading Activity.” Community members who partake in the activity may have the chance to win Nebulas prizes!


1. Read Nebulas Mauve Paper: Developer Incentive Protocol, or just read the Official Interpretation of Nebulas Mauve Paper above.

2. Choose one of the questions about Mauve Paper from the following quiz cards.

Quiz Card I and Quiz Card II
Quiz Card III and Quiz Card IV

3. Answer the quiz card you choose, and post the answers on Twitter along with the quiz card picture (from above). Do not forget to add the “#NebulasNOVA#” hashtag as shown in the following picture.

Hashtag — — — #NebulasNOVA#

4. Call on your friends to “retweet” and “like” your tweet. The more, the better!

5. Then, participants will need to upload the related information to the following Google form, including your name, Twitter ID, “like” number, “retweet” number and also your tweet screenshot(as shown). Please submit your information before the expiration (before 24:00, UTC+8, November 4), or you may lose the chance to receive your prizes.

6. Until the end of the activity (Nov 4, 2018), the participants will get a score according to your engagement: Your engagement=the number of “like” + the number of “retweet” x 3. We’ll rank the participants according to your engagement and distribute the prizes accordingly!

Results Announcement:

Nov 6, 2018


Nov 2 to Nov 4 (24:00, UTC+8), 2018


First Prize (1): Nebulas sweater, Nebulas limited edition T-shirt, Nebulas Cap

Second Prize (3): Nebulas limited edition T-shirt, Nebulas Cap

Third Prize (10): Nebulas T-shirt

Nebulas sweater, Nebulas limited edition T-shirt, Nebulas Cap
Nebulas limited edition T-shirt, Nebulas Cap
Nebulas T-shirt

Click here to read the Nebulas Mauve Paper: Developer Incentive Protocol

1. Nebulas team reserves the final interpretation right of this activity, and will adjust to the activity rules including prize settings, selection rules and prizes according to the actual situation.
2. Please pay close attention to the relevant announcements issued by Nebulas official website ( And please pay close attention to false information, phishing websites, phishing emails, and clone accounts, etc. Nebulas team assumes no responsibility on any loss caused by users’ credulity of false news.
3. Acts involving illegal laws and regulations, violation of activity rules and infringement of other people’s interests will be disqualified.
4. If you have any questions about this activity or have any objections to the selection results, please contact

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
Twitter: @nebulasio



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