Join the Nebulas testnet and become one of the first mainnet nodes

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The new Nebulas network with it’s Proof of Devotion (PoD) mechanism will launch on the Nebulas testnet on January 8th, 2020. This will publicly test the consensus mechanism portion of the Nebulas node decentralization plan prior to mainnet release.

All are welcome to join the node testnet and share the incentive of at least 150,000 NAS, experience the node process in advance and become the first batch of Nebulas nodes.

About the node decentralization plan based on the PoD mechanism

The Nebulas Node Decentralization Plan is the practice of the Nebulas vision: Let everyone benefit fairly from decentralized collaboration.

At its core core is Proof of Devotion (PoD), which can be briefly described as a mechanism that is built on measuring the contribution of community contributors in two two parts: consensus mechanism and governance mechanism.

  • Consensus mechanism: Decentralization of main network nodes through node selection;
  • Governance mechanism: A governance committee composed of high-quality nodes which will organize community governance in a representative system.

Further details can be found at:

About testnet node plan

The release of the consensus mechanism is an important upgrade for the Nebulas blockchain. In order to ensure the stability of the main network, it is necessary to perform testing on the testnet for a period of not less than one month. During the test period, invited nodes are welcome and strongly encouraged to participate in the node plan by deploying nodes.

As long as blocks are successfully produced, the test reward will be issued. Interested parties wanting to deploy a node can send an email to

When: The testnet will be launched on January 8, 2020 with the mainnet launch occuring February, 2020.

Participation method: To register a node, visit and be sure to have prepared a wallet address and a server that meets the minimum configuration requirements.

Once your information is submitted, please wait patiently for it to be reviewed and if approved, you will be able to participate in the program. It is a priority that those participating in the testnet will continue to run a node after PoD goes live on the mainnet. To view a list of currently invited nodes, visit:

Details on how to deploy a node on the testnet:

Please make sure that the server is operating normally during the test. We will randomly send NAX testnet coins to the nodes, simulating the block ranking mechanism and the outflow of blocks. When it is your node’s turn to produce blocks, you need to ensure that the blocks are being produced normally.

Note: During the entire testing session, mainnet pledged NAS(official NAS) is not required as well as mainnet NAX(official NAX).

Total rewards for all nodes: 150,000 NAS / month.

That is, if the actual test time exceeds one month, the total reward amount will increase. For example, after testing for one and a half months, the total amount is 225,000 NAS.

Reward distribution: NAS will be distributed according to the amount of time the server is online. The reward formula is as follows:

Reward distribution formula: single node reward = single node up-time / SUM up-time duration of all nodes x total incentive amount

You can participate in reward distribution if:

  • Node penalties do not exceed 3 times during the entire test cycle;
  • Successfully producing over 100 blocks.
  • The reward will be sent to the incentive address of the relevant node after the PoD is launched on the main network.

Bug Reward Program

Nebulas’ long-term bug bounty program is still active. If you find a bug during the test phase, please submit a bug report. Once your bug is verified, you will receive a maximum of 1,000+ USDT equivalent in NAS reward.

Submit a detailed bug report at:

For more details about the Bug Reward Program, visit:

Nebula Foundation
January 2020

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
Smart asset platform nextDAO:
New Telegram(EN):
Community Forum:
Instagram: nebulasio
Facebook: @nebulasproject
Twitter: @nebulasio


Nebulas is an autonomous metanet. The future of collaboration is coming.


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Nebulas / Nebulas is a next generation public blockchain, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem.



Nebulas is an autonomous metanet. The future of collaboration is coming.

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