Let’s Check Your Core Nebulas Rank!

Nebulas Rank (NR) is Available to Search on the Nebulas Website

After many days of research and development, Nebulas Rank is finally available for search. Ready? Let’s go!

Open the official Nebulas website and navigate to the NOVA page, click the “Check Your Core Nebulas Rank” button, and you will see the NR search and overview page.

Simply enter your Nebulas mainnet address to check your own NR value, or even “Try random address.

The Core Nebulas Rank (NR) algorithm combines various factors including transaction history, account balance and more; reflecting the economy contribution and market cap change. Currently, the NR demo can check the NR value of addresses for the last 7 days. We will update the latest NR value every day at 9:00 am.

Nebulas Rank is one of the 3 core features of Nebulas NOVA. Its used to measure the contribution of a address to the entire blockchain economy over a period of time and to help others to discover valuable data in the blockchain world.

You may be asking “Why is it so important to know the NR value of an address?”

As the scale of collaboration grows and on-chain data increase, we pay more attention to the efficiency of decentralized collaboration. A value measurement system can provide quantitative criteria for the value of blockchain system, hence improving the efficiency of decentralized collaboration. Moreover, at this stage of blockchain development, a large amount of on-chain data and the value of assets are waiting to be discovered. An effective value measurement system can be very helpful to the discovery of valuable data. Therefore, an effective value measurement system can drive the development of the whole blockchain industry. This is the contribution that Nebulas Rank will bring to the blockchain world.

So, what’s the use cases of Nebulas Rank as a value measurement system?

For developers, NR discovers valuable on-chain data, hence encouraging developers to build even more high-quality DApps. For the advertising sector, NR will help to target users more efficiently and thus define a new paradigm for the advertising market. For the digital asset field, NR will also be an important reference for digital asset trading.

We believe that when Nebulas NOVA development is completed, NR, together with Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP), will explore valuable on-chain data and discover DApps with real active users; encouraging developers to create more DApps which can change the world.

Are you ready to check your NR value? Here we GO!

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website: Nebulas.io
Github: github.com/nebulasio/go-nebulas
Slack: nebulasio.herokuapp.com
Telegram(EN): t.me/nebulasio
Twitter: @nebulasio