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Experienced Game Developer Bids Adieu to Ethereum and Embraces Nebulas

Developer’s enthusiasm for the Nebulas Incentive Program continued unabated in Week 2. A total of 226 people, including developers and referrers, won more around $250,000 worth of NAS rewards. The weekly Champion was an independent game developer, whom we believe created the first sandbox management strategy game based on blockchain. The game, named ”Cell Evolution,” was created in just 10 days, and won the 10,000 NAS prize.

We invited the Champion to the Nebulas office in Beijing this week. After traveling the from Changzhou city of Jiangsu after a long trip, he was interviewed by the Nebulas team and shared his development experience Nebulas founder Hitters Xu and the co-founder Aero Wang are both very interested in the weekly winner’s game ideas and also talked with him at great length.

Second week champion brief introduction:

Name: Wu Xiao (Ling)

Occupation: Software Industry Entrepreneur

Education: Master of Computer Science, University of Alberta

Developer Experience: A 2048-type mobile game developed by the team led by 4 people was selected in the top 100 in the App Store. Developed the Ethereum game cryptopokemon, the second domestic application of Ethereum online.

“I was bored of Wenquxing video games I owned, so I wanted to create one myself — smart people can invent more ways to play games.”

Q1: I heard that you love games and you created games with Wenquxing (a Chinese gaming company). Can you talk about them?

When I was little, I used to play Wenquxing games all the time, but then I played them so much that they started to be boring. I wanted to create my own games. This was in elementary school in the 4th and 5th grades. At that time, Legend of the Heroes was a really popular game, but there were a bunch of possible similar games that hadn’t been created yet. Wenquxing has Java programming language, and with that language you develop video games. I started creating RPG games and made a map to play in Wenquxing games. Many of my classmates at the time also created similar games, which we exchanged and played.

Q2: How did you achieve your undergraduate and graduate studies so quickly, even while missing two years of schooling?

My university advisor is a nice person. I was studying at the University of Alberta — the same university that created AlphaGo. Foreign universities are based on credits, and as long as the credits are completed, students can graduate. In first semester I was supposed to study five courses, but then I took an extra one and had six classes. A little bit later I went to my advisor said I could manage seven classes. As a result, my undergraduate course was compressed into three years. The same is true for postgraduate studies. It takes about one and a half years to complete.

Figure/Ling communicates with co-founder Wang Guan

“It’s stupid to do the same thing” — mobile game blockbuster blockchain

Q3: What types of games have you developed before?

The earliest time I did was a game similar to 2048; the earliest 2048 was open sourced on Github, and we made a change to it, which turned into a hexagonal grid that can slide in three directions, with one in the middle. hole. The user response was pretty good. In the absence of promotional efforts or marketing, the number of iOS downloads was one hundred. But I wasn’t very satisfied with that game, because it’s not a real innovation. I thought it was stupid to do the same thing. Now, I see Cell Evaluation as my masterpiece.

Q4: Why did you choose to develop games on the blockchain later? How is it different from traditional, centralized games?

The first reason is that because there are too many mobile games that look and feel the same. This means that everyone is racing to create the same games, faster than everyone else, and of course it usually ends up being the big gaming companies that win. For independent game developers, it can be very difficult to make breakthroughs in their creativity in this environment. Second, the big manufacturers release games that are well packaged and promoted. Independent developers often don’t have these luxuries. Consequently, many developers who have moved out of the big gaming companies are now thinking of creating a breakthrough game on the blockchain.

Blockchain games have several characteristics. First, they are transparent, and the gameplay and moves/turns are all transparent. Everyone can see it. Second, players are not independent. Game data from all players will fuse together. It’s also possible for gamers to change certain game characteristics, if a large group of anonymous players reach an agreement on a specific issue. This is all very social and gives people a grand feeling. However, the maintenance of blockchain games may also require the decentralized maintenance of the community.

Q5: What is the current landscape and future prospects of blockchain games?

I know that in the future more people will play blockchain games on their mobile phones. For this, mobile wallets will be key. For any one chain, anyone who can do a good job with the mobile wallet, even if it is a little better user experience, will be very good to dock the game. However, it’s important for these games to thoughtfully integrate with, and not become too dependent on, cryptocurrency wallets. For example, there is a pet growing game that uses the imToken Wallet, which is not very effective. Blockchain wallet is a tool, but the game also has to ensure independence.

Figure/Ling shares its experience with Nebulas technology team and research team

“It’s lonely being a developer on Ethereum. There’s very little support.” — Farewell to Ethereum, embrace the Nebulas chain.

Q6: We know that you have been on the second domestic Ethereum chain application. Does it feel different to build a DApp on the Nebulas chain now?

The first is that The Nebulas xhain is really light and the latency is also high. I originally wanted to try building a game on EOS first. At that time, the EOS testnet was already released, but because my computer is 4G and I don’t have enough 8G, I decided to try NAS first. In the early days when I was building games on Ethereum, there weren’t many developers. Everyone was watching, because it was too heavy to use. The most important thing is that NAS is a Javascript language. There’s a huge community and documentation around Javascript so it’s very easy to have your questions answered. If you have a question about Solidity or the Ethereum blockchain, on the other hand, it’s harder to have your questions answered. There is one, and even the same problem is encountered. There is no feeling of people who cry and cry.

Q7: Do you predict which direction DApps will take place in the future crown?

I feel that I’m playing a role as an introductory speaker. It can really bring in a lot of new developers to come in. There are many independent developers and teams who have contacted me and wanted to be transferred to NAS development. There is indeed a big crowd with a team coming in, like Google’s island god Tang Feihu, also want to come and develop. The next week or two may not only be an independent game, but also some application of tools, some social applications will also appear. It’s not just a partial stylized game like me. I hope there will be more socialize and mainstream games.

About Nebulas:

Nebulas is a new generation public blockchain aiming at a continuously improving ecosystem. This blockchain proposes three core innovations:

1. Value Ranking

To enable value discovery in blockchain, Nebulas Rank measures multidimensional data in the blockchain world, and powers the platform’s decentralized search framework.

2. Self-evolution

To avoid the damage caused by forking to the blockchain, Nebulas Force enables rapid iteration and upgradability to its blockchain without the need for hard forks.

3. Native incentive

With forward-looking incentive and consensus mechanisms, Nebulas Incentive rewards developers and users who contribute to the sustainability and growth of the ecosystem.

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
Twitter: @nebulasio



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