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Monthly Report — February 2021

This report includes technical developments, online activity including governance and monthly data statistics. Includes DeFi technology roadmap progress, community project results and more…

Activities and governance

The financial report disclosure period: June 30, 2020 — December 31, 2020.
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51 governance nodes (48 participating) voted on 4 proposals and 2 test items. All passed in the end.
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Community incubation

King Kong Swap is a Nebulas Labs incubation project which is currently in the public beta on the OKExChain testnet, supporting multiple assets such as NAS.

King Kong Swap is a decentralized trading platform based on the AMM (automatic market-making) mechanism, which provides diversified asset exchange, liquidity mining and other services for the OKExChain ecosystem. The development was initiated by community developers. This project supports multi-asset exchange and liquidity mining such as OKT, OKB, KKT, NAS, etc.

Nebulas Lab participated in the establishment of OKExChain testnet nodes

When the OKExChain mainnet went live, Nebulas NOVA became one of the first community super nodes. This will help pave the way for the subsequent expansion of NAS to the OKExChain ecosystem.

Nebulas Lab builds The Graph Indexer

In addition to the data indexing of the global network, Nebulas will also expand the ecological cooperation of more emerging public chains, providing services in the direction of data middleware and OpenAPI to help developers use blockchain data conveniently.

  • Node name: nebulas-nova.eth
  • Node ID: 0xaa3b07b1251d7961baf3ce05b101b82bd0ebf8d5

February statistics

  • nUSDT total supply: 97,941.742925 nUSDT
  • LP Pool value: 294,801.537 USDT
  • Annualized return on NAX-NAS pools: 45.46 %
  • Average annual yield (ROI): 90.77 %
  • Total NAS incentives distributed: 2,353,744.13 NAS
  • Total number of nodes: 60
  • Current total NAX votes: 812,029,434 NAX (Accounting for 43.03% of total NAX)
  • 287 items
  • 346 proposals
  • fund pool usage in February: 4,269.94 NAS
  • Generated NAX : 1,886,184,643.74 NAX
  • NAS dStaking pledge amount: 18,030,963.67 NAS (accounting for NAS circulation: 28.97% )

Statistics deadline: March 9, 2020

Nebulas welcomes community members to submit proposals on the community collaboration platform or join discussions via the forum.

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