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Monthly Report for June & July 2021

This report includes technical developments, online activity including governance and monthly data statistics.

Technology R&D

July bug fixes

1. NAS nano pro mobile wallet iOS version string value conversion display bug fixed, will be released with the next version.

2. Data center API server fix and upgrade.

Events and governance

  • June 22 — June 26: The 15th main network PoD governance voting ended
    51 governance nodes voted on 2 proposals and 3 community operated projects.
  • July 7 — July 10: nextDAO upgrade community vote
    With an opposition rate of 56.1%, the upgrade proposal was not passed and NAX’s dStaking distribution model remained unchanged.
    In the future nextDAO will be an accelerator for blockchain projects, helping innovative project teams with guidance and support in various aspects such as product positioning, design, economy design, grant applications, community development and project incubation. New upgrade plans are still being planned. Click here for details.
  • July 22 — July 26: The 16th main network PoD governance voting ended
    51 governance nodes voted on 2 community projects.

Community Incubation

  • July 13: NAS Graph / GRT supporters participated in the second wave of funding from The Graph Foundation
    NAS Graph / GRT supporters has become one of the second wave of funded community projects by The Graph Foundation, receiving $12K in funding for the first phase.
    NAS Graph, incubated by Nebulas Labs, is building open middleware on the emerging public chain based on The Graph network, providing data transfer, indexing, and cross-application sharing services for various ecological projects, making it easier for developers to use blockchain data and embrace a vibrant decentralized world.
    For more information, visit:


  • Total supply of nUSDT: 95,309.769408 nUSDT
  • LP pledge pool size: 222,684.994 USDT
  • NAX-NAS pledge pool annualized rate of return: 35.21%
  • Average annualized rate of return: 51.02%
  • Total NAS incentives sent: 3,350,510.89 NAS
  • Total number of nodes: 60
  • Total current votes: 967,027,162 NAX (Accounting for 46.41% of total NAX)
  • 302 projects
  • 374 proposals
  • Generated NAX: 2,083,733,452.82 NAX
  • NAS dStaking pledge amount: 15,032,556.64 NAS (accounting for NAS circulation: 23.69%)

Statistics deadline: August 2, 2021

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