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Monthly Report — January 2021

This report includes technical developments, online activity including governance and monthly data statistics. Includes DeFi technology roadmap progress, community project results and more…

Technical Updates

nextDAO and DeFi

Swap v1.1 Release
Swap upgrade complete, fixed bug, pledge pool migration and LP upgrade complete. Be sure to move any liquidity to the new version as soon as possible. More details and instructions available at

Nebulas Ecosystem Products

Nebulas Chrome Extension Eallet NASExtWallet:
Release version 0.2.8. The update includes bug fixes and shows LP tokens for nUSDT — NAS, nUSDT — NAX, NAS — NAX.

Activities and Governance

1.18.21 — Nebulas Sets Up Million Innovation Fund: Nebulas launched the OKExChain Node via the established Nebulas Foundation 2 million USD innovation incubation fund, managed by Nebulas Labs and supported by the Blockchain Innovation Project, which aims to explore and connect the Nebulas ecosystem to Ethereum and other platforms. As a result to create a greater economic value for the Nebulas blockchain. The fund’s first incubation program has been the OKExChain, which will be supported by the foundation’s Nebulas lab. For further information, see

1.24.21 — Chinese Node Meeting: Conversation about NAX and Nebulas economics.

Participants included founder Hitters Xu, more than a dozen representatives of Chinese governance nodes. The discussion focused on proposal NIP585 — Community voting program on the adjustment of NAX economics. The proposal has been decided to be suspended for the time being. For further information, see

1.24.21–1.28.21 — Completion of the 10th mainnet network PoD Governance cycle. In total 51 governance nodes were selected (43 participants) voted on one proposal and two test projects which all passed. Details at

Monthly Data

Linked Asset Conversion via link.nextdao and decentralized asset swap.nextdao

  • nUSDT total supply: 73,490.743648 nUSDT
  • LP Pool value: 221,843.811 USDT
  • Annualized return on NAX-NAS pools: 38.13%

Node platform

  • Average annual yield: 61.91%
  • Total NAS incentives distributed: 2,114,136.45 NAS
  • Total Nodes: 61
  • Current total NAX vote: 763,239,841 NAX (total NAX: 41.87%)

Community Collaboration Platform

  • 282 projects
  • 338 proposals
  • January Go.nebulas Fund Pool Use: 1,500 NAS

Decentralized Pledge dStaking

  • NAX: 1,822,818,014.07 NAX generated
  • NAS dStaking Pledge: 25,154,831.67 NAS (40.59% of NAS)

Statistics date: February 2, 2021

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