Monthly Report — November 2020

Dec 3, 2020 · 3 min read

This report includes November’s technical developments, online activity including governance and monthly data statistics. Includes DeFi technology roadmap progress, community project results and more…

Technical Updates

Nov. 5: Cross-chain asset conversion Link.nextDAO and Decentralized Exchange Swap.nextDAO public testing begun.

Link and Swap will serve as the initial infrastructure for Nebulas’ DeFi ecosystem and will provide the required features for the development of more DeFi applications on Nebulas.

Completed development, extensive testing and submitted the code for audit, including:

  • Smart contract, user interface, and testing of Liquidity Pool incentives.
  • Continued testing and bug fixes.

Completed development, extensive testing and submitted the code for audit.

Completed development for forthcoming release:

  • New website designed and developed to add DeFi-related content.
  • UI optimization, including icon optimization, font optimization and mobile display optimization.
  • Front End Framework Upgrade.

Nebulas Ecosystem Products

  • NAX Price Display
  • Other bug fixes

The following community projects were voted on through the PoD, and community development is ongoing:

  • NIP363 — Pop-up notifying users that the submitted pledging amount exceeds balance.
  • NIP554 — Send max button when transferring funds.
  • NIP562 — Improve dStaking Pledge text explanation.
  • Added the display of additional asset pairs for swap.nextDAO.
  • Display bug fix to improve currency value accuracy.
  • Optimize the display of transaction details and show the specific steps of contract interaction.

The following community projects were voted on through the PoD, and community development is ongoing:

  • NIP105 — CSV Export Data.
  • NIP204 — Improved NRC20 asset management via NAS nano Pro.
  • With Swap, increase the display of transaction pairs.
  • Display bug fix, increase currency accuracy.
  • Site security improvements
  • Improved user permissions

The following is a community project that was voted through PoD and is under development:

Activities and Governance

Nov. 9: Nebulas Chinese Community WeChat Group AMA

Including Nebulas founder Hitters, foundation director Becky, chief architect & technical committee member Larry, NAS Iron Head node operator Huang Haozhi, and Chinese community members chat about DeFi products Link and Swap, and the future of Nebulas. Hitters says we must embrace DeFi and work with the community to discover more value within blockchain.

AMA overview:

Nov. 13: Discord AMA, Star Cloud English Community

This includes the participation of Nebulas founder Hitters, foundation director Becky, and more. This AMA collected questions from the Reddit community and was answered in the Discord community. This was a good opportunity to talk to the overseas community about new DeFi’s products, Link and Swap and how Nebulas is going to tap into the value within blockchain and continue to innovate.

AMA overview:

Nov. 25 — Nov. 29: End of 8th mainnet PoD governance vote

Fifty-one governance nodes (45 participants) voted on six proposals and two projects. One proposal and two proposed items were approved. Results can be seen at:

Monthly Data

  • Average annual yield: 69.03%
  • Total NAS incentives distributed: 1,681,152.88 NAS
  • Total Nodes: 69
  • Current total NAX vote: 686,836,902 NAX(41.52% of circulating NAX)
  • 278 projects
  • 323 proposals
  • November Go.nebulas Fund Pool Use: 3076.03 NAS
  • NAX:1,654,120,058.86 NAX generated
  • NAS dStaking Pledge: 28,986,655.66 NAS (48.65% of circulating NAS)

Statistics date: December 1, 2020

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