NAS Graph Live — Building Open Middleware on Emerging Public Chains Based on The Graph Protocol

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2 min readApr 2, 2021


Incubated by Nebulas Labs, NAS Graph will provide data transfer, indexing, and cross-chain sharing services for various ecological projects, making it easier for developers to use blockchain-based data and embrace a vibrant decentralized world.

NAS Graph is an open source infrastructure that provides convenient data query service for DApp endpoints by synchronizing and indexing event data and block information on the public chain.

The first chain to be supported by NAS Graph will be OKExChain, and when the OKExChain mainnet goes live, NAS Graph will provide a fast public data indexing service for ecosystem project developers based on the Nebulas NOVA node. This will be one of the first community super nodes and will improve the data usage experience.

The data service provided by NAS Graph will first be applied to King Kong Swap, an AMM-based decentralized trading platform on OKExChain.

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In addition, Nebulas Labs has built The Graph Indexer. Nebulas will also expand the ecological cooperation of more emerging public chains and provide services in the direction of data middleware and OpenAPI to help developers use blockchain data more conveniently.

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