NAS nano has been upgraded to NAS nano pro

— — iOS users please download the latest version and import wallets!

Since the upgrade of Apple’s official terms, the original NAS nano has replaced by NAS nano pro, in accordance to Apple’s requirements. Although the original NAS nano can continue to be used, the Nebulas team henceforth will no longer maintain or upgrade it.

Please search the Apple App Store and download the “NAS nano pro” app.

Please remember to backup your wallets in NAS nano so that they can be imported to NAS nano pro. DO NOT delete the NAS nano app before the import is completed! The safety of your assets are in your own hands. Neither the Nebulas team nor Apple iCloud has your private key, and asset loss may occur if you delete the NAS nano app before the import is completed.

Note: Android users won’t be affected (iOS users should import their wallets to NAS nano pro, but Android users do not have to). Android users may download the NAS nano pro installation package via the Nebulas official website (, or upgrade to NAS nano pro directly via Google Play.

NAS nano backup process

(1) Please backup your wallet in NAS nano.

If you haven’t backed up your NAS nano wallet before, then you can navigate to the “Me” page, and click “Wallets.” You can then see the wallet that has not been backed up. Click “Backup Now” to backup your Import Methodswallet.

(2) Import the backed up wallet to NAS nano pro.

To import your wallet from NAS nano to NAS nano pro, you must use your pre-selected backup method (mnemonic words, Keystore or private key). Please DO NOT remove your wallet and NAS nano before the import completed.

Import Methods

When NAS nano pro is installed, in the “Home” page or “Me” page, you can find the “Add Wallet” button. Then click the “Add Wallet” button, and select “Import Now”. You can choose the import methods, filling in the relevant info to import the wallet.

Download NAS nano pro

NAS nano pro (v2.3.0) for Android: Download

NAS nano pro (v2.3.0) for iOS: Download


1) For any information about Nebulas mobile wallet, please only refer to the relevant announcement of Nebulas official website (

2) From now on, the Nebulas official team will no longer maintain or upgrade the original NAS nano app, which has been offline on the Apple App Store. Nebulas is not responsible for any asset loss caused by stopping the maintenance of the original NAS nano app.

3) Please be sure to install and download the NAS nano pro v2.3.0 app (supporting both iOS and Android) via the Nebulas website or the URL link provided in this announcement. Nebulas is not responsible for any loss caused by the wallet downloaded from other channels.

4) Please detect and avoid fake applications, false messages, phishing websites, phishing emails, fake customer service, etc. Nebulas team never ask users for their private keys. Please also detect and avoid the fraud.

5) Please back up all your wallets and keep your private key safe before upgrading to NAS nano pro. Nebulas is not responsible for any loss caused by users or third parties.

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